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Prevent Global Warming

by Brittany Jean Baptiste
(New Jersey)

This is meh in cartoon form

This is meh in cartoon form

This thing right here is strictly .....crazy. I am scared but I don't want to show it.. At first I thought global warming was fake but then as I researched it I found out that is was more real than I first thought. Global warming is not that far away. This is the time where we should try to prevent it from striking before it is too late.... wait... maybe it is to late nobody knows......

Barry's Response - Well Thank you Brittany. Very cute!

As for global warming, some researchers may say we're too late to change anything and that we're on a crash course. Other scientists have examined a slightly different set of evidence and would propose that any warming we have seen is nothing out of the ordinary.

The most vocal group of the last couple decades has declared emphatically that it is within our power to do something meaningful about this "problem", and that it is our responsibility to do so. That it is undesirable, we caused it and we can change it back to the proper (i.e., prevailing) conditions. This school of thinking certainly has received a great deal of financial support and media attention.

Still, others claim it is nothing to be concerned about. They go on and say the trend shall end soon and things shall return to "normal" whatever that may be. See the web page on the main Cause of Global Warming for more details.

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