Rain Forest

South American Rain Forest

South American Rain Forest

I feel very upset that people are Deforestation and not putting anything back. It is wrong. What is going to happen generations to come. We need to stop being lazy and start doing something.

If we take from the rain forest we should add something back too it. People should plant trees so they can grow again.

It is really frustrating to here this and something should be done!

Our Rain forests can disappear because people are not taking care of them.

Rain Forests are really important to us and our future generation.

If the Obama Administration really cared they would make a law that would help our rain forests. For example if you take from the rain forest you would have to make sure to plant trees. That would be a good one. You have plant what you take.

Barry's Response - Most of the world's rain forests are not in the US. That said, the Obama and other first world administrations could encourage the governments and people of the countries with these forests to hold preserving them in high regard.

To be fair, though, all humans have to meet their needs in roughly the order prescribed by Maslow's Hierarchy, and cannot be be expected to violate that order.

Search this site for more information now.

In light of the deforestation crisis and the urgent need to preserve our rainforests for future generations, I understand your concern and frustration.

Fortunately, there are initiatives and studies that provide hope and solutions.

First, reforestation has proven effective at restoring and regenerating forest areas. Deforestation can be mitigated by planting trees, which replenish lost vegetation and create habitats for wildlife. Thousands of organizations, governments, and local communities are planting trees around the world to restore and expand forests.

In addition, intact rainforests help mitigate climate change. Rainforests absorb a lot of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Forests can make a big difference in the fight against climate change if they're protected and preserved.

Furthermore, rainforests play a huge role in biodiversity conservation, ecosystem services, and indigenous communities' well-being. We're working on raising awareness about rainforest conservation and establishing sustainable practices that balance economic development and environmental protection.

The government has had a big role to play in addressing deforestation, but it's not just one administration. Collaboration is needed from international organizations, governments, businesses, and individuals. In order to promote sustainable practices and encourage people to take action, education and advocacy are crucial, like supporting rainforest conservation organizations and planting trees.

We can make a positive impact on rainforest conservation by working together, implementing sustainable policies, and supporting scientific research.

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Rain Forest
by: Anonymous

Yes you are absolutely right.With this ignorance we are simply pushing the world tropical rainforest areas to the brink of disaster.

From Barry - Others argue that rainforests aren't really in danger of disappearing. According to them, the world's rainforest cover has stayed relatively stable over the past few decades, and deforestation rates have actually gone down.

It is Raw!
by: Anbuinfosys

It is not just so easy to explain the effects of Global Warming and make some to realize the Effects.
This is a very hard try to Put something among the peoples mind.
Thanks for Your Hard Work!

From Barry - There are still some people who don't understand the science behind climate change, or the long-term effects. It's also often slow moving and hard to detect, so it's hard for many to understand the severity because there's no immediate effect.

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