stop global warming!

by chantel
(United States)

Problems with global warming and potential solutions

Problems with global warming and potential solutions

I HATE GLOBAL WARMING! people today are so stupid..why cant they just help out...its not that hard...seriously....stop destroying mother nature...or soon we are going down with it whether we like it or not

Barry's Response - Thanks Chantel. We have our reasons to concern ourselves with this. All we need is a little motivation.

The book pictured above stresses the importance of climate change, how our first world lifestyle exacerbates the situation and what mankind can do about it. Just be relatively quick. The story does sound quite familiar. If you have a look, you may see some new scientific facts you have never seen before.

On a slightly different note, some say global warming is nothing more than a fad. Can you believe that?

They claim there is a political agenda behind it. Or worse yet an economic one designed to keep the rich rich and the poor poor. Can you believe that?

They say species die and climate changes. That's the natural order of things. It has happened all the time and will continue to happen. New things will spring up and old ones discontinue. Darwin has it right...species propagate and the ones that don't don't for a reason.

Can you believe that?

They go on saying we will always have hate and crime and controversy and poverty. In some places it will get better; in some, worse. That we really have nothing to worry about once we learn to live with these "facts". Can you even believe that?

Some say people will not affect climate change anyway, even if they tried. Author James Lovelock has been quoted as saying we are too stupid. Others deny that there is any crisis even as it warms up. Maybe a bit, maybe a lot. Maybe it will cool down again. Maybe not.

I have heard people point to hypocritical global warming pundits who tell you what to do, while doing something quite different or opposite themselves (A G anyone?). Others try to ca$h in on the "going green" bandwagon, selling products books etc, with an appropriately coloured label and fitting the theme. Maybe even the same people in both of these instances. Nobody can believe that, right?

Actually, some of this makes sense.

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