The carbon foot print!

by Ron

The Driving Force

The Driving Force

Anything that filters the smog coming from cars, trucks, trains, and industrial pollution is a plus. These things need to be addressed ASAP and, over time, we may be able to reverse the damage inflected on the environment!

The question is: are we too late to change these problems. With countries on the brink of bankruptcy, it's not an easy solution. Money isn't everything in this world and we are destroying our world God made perfect for us!

Greed, if continued, will ruin life on this planet as we know it!

Barry's Response - We have a problem. Earth has gone through some changes. We have caused some of them. Not all, but some...we sorta know which ones, which ones we can address and/or reverse, and which ones are too far gone.

But we don't know everything. We have yet to discover how to meet our basic needs (and greeds) and make that pursuit compatible with the needs of the world which provides us with those needs. We look to achieve a healthy workable balance, at least those of us who know and care about the issue at hand.

We seek to share our knowledge with those who need it. Especially those who can make a difference but just need the education and motivation to make the wise choices they can and would if they understood the ramifications as well as environmental specialists do. We can't all be environmental specialists, though.

We also deal with those who simply don't care. No amount of additional knowledge is going to help convince some people with the power (but not the will) to do the right things for our habitat. No matter what.

At least so it seems. Maybe there is something we can do about that problem.

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Mother earth
by: Fred Sanford

The earth provides nothing,it was created as are we.
Do you greenie weenies know you are being used?
I admit we could do a better job as stewards of God's earth. There Is No Doubt About That!!But can you distinguish between these two terms;CONSERVation and environMENTALism? Look into it, would you please? And if a bunch of know it all atheists and treehuggers want to rant and fume because I have offended their goddess,their mother earth IDOL, I am ok with that! I'll match every point you make with a question you can't answer honestly. If you got the grit, see F S

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