The changing times

The effects of drought in India

The effects of drought in India

The climate and weather of our beautiful earth, or once beautiful earth, has changed drastically. We humans do not have the right to alter nature for our pleasures. There are other living creatures here which depends entirely on nature.

I was stunned when I visited South India recently. The climate there has changed drastically, the temperature has risen from a previous average of 35 degrees to an alarming 40 degrees, resulting in droughts. The monsoon which was expected to start in mid June has changed to mid May or early July.

Another thing I have noticed is the absence of frogs, which was a common creature a couple of years ago (amphibians are the most affected ones due to the rise in temperature). The time for us to change has come, earth's survival depends on our hands.

Barry's Response - Well put. These are issues of which many of us in North America are not aware. They are real concerns. Thanks for your input.

Because India is a large country with biomes ranging from tropical coastlines to high mountains, this country sees a multitude of effects resulting from climate change. Climate change has been a major thing there since long before mankind came along, as the creation of the Himalayas millions of years ago put up a block which effectively kept cold continental air mass from entering the subcontinent from the north.

Now, the effects of elevated global temperatures add to that. The increase in sea levels and changes in river flows and precipitation patterns are very real to the people who live there.

A rise in the number of landslides, mass killing of coral reefs and various economic impacts on (especially the poor in) India and Bangladesh present the most undesirable of effects of climate change the world has seen so far.

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