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The Perfect Storm

by winetou1984
(Zalau, Romania)

The Perfect Storm

The Perfect Storm

Also a great movie that i like is The Perfect Storm... they show you a real-life situation, and what must be done in a time like that.

Barry's Response - I've never seen it but here's a description: A fisherman named Billy Tyne (played by George Clooney), is not doing so well. He meets a successful fisherwoman named Linda Greenlaw, (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio).

Mark Wahlberg plays Bobby Shatford who needs to pay a debt to a lawyer and go live with his new girlfriend Christine Cotter (Diane Lane). He goes fishing to earn the needed money.

These guys join a crew of others and go out into the open water for better fishing. A storm comes and Billy decides to risk it for a good swordfish haul. The first storm, hurricane Grace, merges with other storms and becomes much stronger, and a historic event forms.

The so-called Halloween Storm escapes accurate, timely weather forecasting and adequate warnings. Guess who does not find out about this turn of meteorological events. The coast guard gets involved and we have a grand old time.

Apparently, the special effects outshine the actual story, even if it partly based on a true story. If anybody else has seen this film, The Perfect Storm, please let us know if it was worth it. Thank you.

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The Perfect Storm
by: Anonymous

I remember seeing this in high school. It was a good movie. I like especially because it had a lot to do weather in a way. It was a very interesting movie. Makes me almost want to watch it again.

Perfect movie
by: vishu

I loved the movie mostly because of the Storm sequence. It's been shooted very well. They didn't chase the storm in the movie but they got into the storm accidentally. Its related with the given site with the sense of storms.Actually i'm interested in movies rather than the weather information. I would like to know about the making of such movies.

You should watch it...
by: Ben

I'm not sure where the description of the movie comes from, but that is not the same movie I watched. This is one of my favorite movies, and since it is based on reality I seem to have more emotional reaction to it. This movie is actually a lot like the Discovery Channel show Deadliest Catch, but involves New England Swordfishermen instead.

This is a very cool site, I will be back for more. Thanks!

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