The Perfect Storm

by winetou1984
(Zalau, Romania)

The Perfect Storm

The Perfect Storm

Also a great movie that i like is The Perfect Storm... they show you a real-life situation, and what must be done in a time like that.

Barry's Response - It's about a fisherman named Billy Tyne (played by George Clooney), who isn't doing so well. Linda Greenlaw (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) is a successful fisherwoman.

Mark Wahlberg plays Bobby Shatford, who has to pay a lawyer's bill and move in with Christine Cotter (Diane Lane). For money, he goes fishing.

With a crew of others, they go out into the open water for better fishing. Billy risked the storm for a good swordfish haul. Hurricane Grace merges with other storms and becomes much stronger, causing a historic event.

The so-called Halloween Storm escapes accurate, timely weather forecasting and adequate warnings. Guess who doesn't hear about this turn of events. We have a great time with the coast guard.

Even though it's partly based on a true story, the special effects steal the show. Let us know if you've seen The Perfect Storm. Thank you.

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Here are some extra thoughts.

It's a great movie, known for its gripping portrayal of real-life heroism in the face of nature's fury. Cinema can bring true stories to life and immerse us in those situations. The movies "An Inconvenient Truth" and "The Perfect Storm" remind us of human resilience and how important it is to deal with environmental problems. Great choices!

In fact, it's a remarkable film that explores the complexity of human nature when confronted with extraordinary challenges. It's a vivid portrayal of courage, camaraderie, and overcoming adversity. Such narratives remind us we're capable of facing the unknown head-on in an uncertain world. Similarly to "An Inconvenient Truth," which urges us to confront environmental problems, "The Perfect Storm" highlights the strength of the human spirit. What a great choice, and a testament to our multifaceted nature.

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The Perfect Storm
by: Anonymous

I remember seeing this in high school. It was a good movie. I like especially because it had a lot to do weather in a way. It was a very interesting movie. Makes me almost want to watch it again.

From Barry - A fishing boat caught in a violent storm off the coast of New England inspired The Perfect Storm. The movie follows the crew's struggles to survive the storm, which is a great blend of suspense and drama. The movie has become a classic for a reason.

Perfect movie
by: vishu

I loved the movie mostly because of the Storm sequence. It's been shooted very well. They didn't chase the storm in the movie but they got into the storm accidentally. Its related with the given site with the sense of storms.Actually i'm interested in movies rather than the weather information. I would like to know about the making of such movies.

From Barry - The storm sequence was beautifully shot and captured the intensity and power of the storm. It was done in a way that allowed the audience to feel the storm's intensity without being over the top. This sense of realism made the storm sequence memorable and added to the movie's overall experience.

You should watch it...
by: Ben

I'm not sure where the description of the movie comes from, but that is not the same movie I watched. This is one of my favorite movies, and since it is based on reality I seem to have more emotional reaction to it. This movie is actually a lot like the Discovery Channel show Deadliest Catch, but involves New England Swordfishermen instead.

This is a very cool site, I will be back for more. Thanks!

From Barry - Both movies focus on different things, with the movie I watched emphasizing the danger and intensity of a life at sea, while the description of the movie seems to focus on the characters' emotions and the hardships they face.

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