Twister = good, Bill Paxton = bad

by Sam

The leading actor

The leading actor

I'm from Kansas, so my favorite weather related movie will always be The Wizard of Oz. I can't help it. This is programmed into us at birth.

However, Twister is my favorite movie where they interact with the weather as opposed to running away from it.

I absolutely love Helen Hunt so I went and saw the movie even though I feared it would be horrible. To my surprise it wasn't.

True, it has its campy moments but for the most part you get a look into the extreme changes that can happen in a storm cell in the Midwest.

While I have never seen a cow flying around in the air, I have seen the aftermath of a storm touching down and it is very humbling to see the destruction it leaves behind.

When Helen Hunt finds out her mother is in the direct path of a tornado she can't help but hope that it shifts direction and misses her.

This article talks about how that could have happened and that it wasn't blind hope on the experienced weather person's prayer.

The tornado could have easily died down, shifted shape, or shifted course. The fact that it didn't meant that the reports were right and that the meteorologists know what they're talking about even if it sometimes feels like they don't have any better information than I would if I looked out the window.

I find it interesting that almost every type of wind shift was shown in Twister except for maybe deformation. Very good representation for a fictional movie.

I've also see The Day After Tomorrow and the weather aspect of the movie intrigued me because I am very concerned about the affects of Global Warming.

While I thought some of the made up drama was overdone, I did appreciate the special effects in terms of the floods, cold, and battle to survive the unexpected.

I think weather-related dramas or action films are actually underutilized. I think flood devastation or a typhoon hit would be especially impactful after Katrina.

Barry's Response Bill Paxton (RIP) has done well in movies with scientific undertones. He does a good job. I like this type of action movie too.

Yeah, I couldn't agree more with you though

It sounds like you're really into weather-related movies, especially those where they interact with the elements.

I'm not a film critic, but I appreciate when movies capture the essence of extreme weather events, even if they do take some creative license. It's true, weather-related dramas can be quite impactful, especially when it comes to raising awareness about climate change.

Keep watching those movies, and who knows, you might find some more meteorological gems!

Search this site for more information now.

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by: D'costa

I think I was around eight or nine years old when I watched ‘Twister’ for the first time. It was indeed an exciting film that was based on natural calamities. It was so realistic to watch and I was amused by the way it was filmed.

From Barry - At times, I've been fascinated by storms and natural disasters. Science can explain them and make predictions with them.

The special effects, believable acting, and story really caught my attention. It teased my interest in science and meteorology, and I felt really connected to the characters.

Tough to pretend to bee a scientist!
by: Anonymous

I agree that Bill Paxton does a good job in these movies. I think learning the scientific lingo and saying it with confidence -- like you really know what you're talking about -- must be difficult and he does it well.

From Barry - Bill Paxton did portray characters who are knowledgeable and confident in their profession. He's experienced in these types of roles and could portray them accurately.

I Love Bill Paxton in Twister
by: Maudie

As a fellow weather enthusiast, Twister is one of my favorite movies. I love Bill Paxton in Twister! He did a great job portraying his character Bill Harding. "Bill" is intimate with the storms and seems to know what they are "thinking"...and can predict what they might do next.

At first "Bill" is seen as a calm guy, trying to change for his new fiance. But later, we see that he still has storm chasing boiling in his blood and he really is a hell-raiser!

Again, Bill Paxton did a great job with this movie!

Barry's Response - I agree with this.

by: Anonymous

I'm sure Bill Paxton is a good actor in twister. I only saw a few scenes.

From Barry - I rather enjoyed Bill Paxton's performance in Twister. It was great to see him bring a sense of realism to the character.

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