Twister = Oz's Power - I respect both movies, now!

by Geoffrey Grant
(Munster, Indiana, USA)

This movie captured the danger of a twister of any size. I was at a Jellystone campground on a sunny day and witnessed a waterspout-like dust devil strip the surrounding shore of their retention pond of its beach chairs, coolers, umbrellas, blankets, towels and plastic floatation devices in less than 2 minutes. Like the farm equipment floating through the air, it was quite surreal and dream-like, the experience within 200' of the event. I saw it form and told my family to move away from the water body just in time.

I enjoyed this movie, as it is slow to develop into a fast moving affair and gave me the respect that we all should have for weather events involving wind. Not all storms develop into twisters, but then again, twisters are not all identified before they occur - a great mystery to all weather buffs and farmers. The Wizard of Oz touches on the mystery of wind power and pushed fear into me as a boy.

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Here's a strange twist
by: Barry

🌪️Yeah, there's a bit of power there. Thanks for posting this.
🌈Two epic tales of wind gone wild: Twister and The Wizard of Oz! Even a tiny twister can turn a day at the beach into a chair-flying adventure in Twister. What a surprise picnic spoiler! We also learn to respect the power of the wind, no matter how small the storm is.
📽️Then there's the classic tornado story, The Wizard of Oz. As kids, it made us all fear the mighty twister. Are Dorothy and Toto going to Oz? It's every meteorologist's worst nightmare! Wind can be thrilling and terrifying, a mystery that keeps weather buffs and farmers on their toes. You can't deny the wind's got some serious tricks up its sleeve, whether it's chasing twisters or following the yellow brick road!

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