Welcome to day 2 of springtime in Alberta.

by Janelle Pietruszka
(Leduc, AB Canada)

1 week ago I was counting blades of grass on my front yard, now I'm counting feet of snow. Ugh!

We were suppose to get 5-10 cm of snow but were over 30 cms. It began @ 4:20 a.m March 20th & finally ended @ :10 p.m today, March 21st.

Barry's Response - The Edmonton International Airport, CYEG, is about 3 kilometres northwest of downtown Leduc. It reported 13 cm of fresh snow over that two-day period in 2013.

As with most precipitation in Alberta, mesoscale effects (those which lead to changes in weather over the course of a km or two) rule. 13 cm here can easily correspond with 30 cm over there.

You might even see enough to give animals and people a hard time moving about, such as the example in the drawing above.

It's quite possible that some patches of ground in the area received none during that event, though it's not extremely likely. Welcome to the prairies.

2015 saw the same thing occur there over the same time frame, except the region did not already have a foot on the ground at the time.

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