Which Fluoride Rinse Protects The Best?

by Amber S.

Good for Healthy Breath

Good for Healthy Breath

I judged a science fair for 5th graders in 2006. There was a boy who had this project idea, and it was perfectly executed. He measured out a cup each of several types of fluoride rinses to compare, then soaked one egg per each type of rinse for one minute. Then, the egg was removed from the rinse and placed in a solution of red food coloring and vinegar. If the egg stayed white, then the experiment was considered a success. If it turned the palest shade of pink, then it was apparent that that particular rinse wasn't up to par. His control was an unprotected egg soaked in the food coloring solution.

As someone in the scientific field, I can honestly say this was one of the more inventive experiments I've seen. The child had studied fluoride and its effect on teeth, and could speak comfortably about the topic (i.e. you could tell his parents didn't pick this out for him.) He actually ended up winning in his grade, and flashed us all his fluoride-protected pearly whites.

Barry's Response - Good. Original. Useful. You gotta like an experiment like that, don't you Amber?

And besides, cleanliness is a good thing.

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by: Anonymous

Seriously, Amber? You get us excited and then don't even bother to mention the results? Total tease.

So which rinse won?
by: Cynthia

I've been trying to find out which fluoride rinse does the best job and was excited when I started reading this little post. But...where's the answer? After the egg experiment, which rinse won?

Barry's Response - Good Question, Cynthia. I wish the writer would have told us.

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