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Why weather underground?

Weather Underground, wunderground-weather, is a great place to get weather forecasts for a few reasons:

Find out why Weather Underground (Wunderground-Weather) is your ultimate weather resource.  Explore hyperlocal weather data, customizable maps, and historical records.  Plan your outdoor adventures with precision by tracking real-time temperatures and exploring wind fields.

Learn about the fascinating history behind Weather Underground, a university project turned successful business.  Navigate the atmospheric realm with this user-friendly weather powerhouse.  You don't want to miss this weather journey - Wunderground has it all!

- Hyperlocal weather data: Weather Underground provides weather data down to the neighborhood level.  Their extensive network of personal weather stations (PWS) is operated by amateur weather enthusiasts.  Users can get more accurate and specific information about their exact location with this data.

- The website has a user-friendly interface, making it easy to navigate and find information quickly.  The layout and settings can also be customized.

- Weather Underground has a lot of historical weather data you can use for research or planning.  Weather reports from the past can be accessed and tracked.

- You can access your weather data on the go with Weather Underground's apps for iOS and Android.  

- Weather Underground has a community feature that lets users share data and insights.  If you're interested in tracking weather patterns for research or just for fun, this can be handy.

Check out Wunderground weather website. Would you like to see the temperatures all over Europe (for example)?  You can even watch trends on this map-based website for world weather.  You can pick Asia, USA, Canada, South America, Australia and even Antarctica if you please.

You can view real time animated maps of recent temperatures over a geographical area you choose.  Weather Underground has added a feature called Wundermap to their website in the past few years.  

Using Wundermap, users can customize their own weather maps, get forecasts, and access interactive weather data layers.  Users can also see weather alerts, air quality, and pollen counts, so they have a more comprehensive view of the atmospheric conditions.

Wundermap also shows historical weather records and trends over time, so you can better understand your local climate.  Outdoor events, like barbecues and hikes, can be planned using this data.  Using this data gives you even more flexibility and precision.

You can also get wind field (speed and direction) maps, dewpoint maps, visibility, satellite pics, and a recent jet stream analysis from Wunderground Weather.

Storms and large features can be tracked on the maps.  Because they're updated every hour instead of every six hours, they're better than standard meteorological maps.

The site will also supply an underground weather report for your spot. Give it a try.

The Wunderground Weather Organization

Weather Underground is a commercial site that gives free weather data and forecasts.  Weather Underground gets funding from targeted on-screen ads.

An American university project turned into a successful business website.  In the early 1970s, a group of militant college students derived the name "Weatherman" from a line in a Bob Dylan song. It was Subterranean Homesick Blues, one of his most famous songs.

The website image:  Any website's image is shaped by its logo and favicon.  Favicons: what are they?  To the left of the white address bar is a small logo that says http://www.wunderground.com/


Web site indexing: The Weather Underground site remains popular and successful. It sports a page-strength ranking of 8.5 at seomoz.org, compared to Stuff in the Air's 5.0. This is on a scale of 1 to 10.

The Weather Underground website has nearly ten million in-pointing links, has been at its current domain since 1996. The website has an Alexa traffic rank of approximately 1000 and a Google Page Rank of 8. The envy of many web site operators.

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A bit about the image at the top of this Page.

"Weather Underground" was directed by Sam Green and Bill Siegel in 2002.  The film (the image is a promotional poster for the movie) tells the story of the Weather Underground, a radical activist group active in the late 1960s and 1970s.  In protest against the Vietnam War and racism, the group bombed government buildings and banks.

Interviews with former Weather Underground members, archival footage, and photos make up the film.  In addition, it explores the social and political climate of the era and the group's legacy.

Interviews with former members shed light on the group's motivations and ideologies.  Also, the film shows tensions inside the group between those who wanted to continue violent acts and those who wanted peaceful protests and engagement.

"Weather Underground" (Movie) provides an insightful look at a controversial and polarizing period in American history, and how radical activism affected broader political and social issues.  Weather Underground's (Meteorological Website) hyperlocal data, user-friendly interface, historical data, app integration, and community features make it a popular choice for viewing current conditions and  weather forecasts.

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