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Try out the Wunderground weather website. Want to see the temperatures all over Europe (for instance) at once? This handy map website for world weather even lets you animate weather plots so you can watch trends. Choose Asia, USA, Canada, South America, Australia and even Antarctica if you please.

This great weather web site provides real time animated maps of recent temperatures over a geographic area of your choice. In more recent years, the Weather Underground has added a feature called the Wundermap to their website. This gives you even more flexibility and precision in the data you choose to use.

If you want to dig a little deeper, you can also get wind field (that is speed and direction) maps, dewpoint maps, as well as visibility, satellite pics and a recent jet stream analysis from Wunderground Weather.

The maps help greatly in tracking storms and large features as they drift across the landscape. They work better than standard meteorological maps in some ways because they appear for each hour rather than every six hours.

The site will also supply an underground weather report for your location. Go ahead and give it a go.

The Wunderground Weather Organization

Formally known as the Weather Underground, it provides a commercial site which gives free weather data and forecasts. That means Weather Underground gets its support from targeted on-screen advertisements.

What started out as an American university project became a successful business website. It loosely gets its title from a crazy group of militant college students in the early 1970's, who derived the name "Weatherman", originally, from a line in a Bob Dylan song. It was Subterranean Homesick Blues, one of his most famous songs.

Their logo:

Wunderground Weather

and their cute little favicon form an important part of any website's image. What's a favicon? The small logo to the left of the white address bar which says http://www.wunderground.com/

Web site indexing: The Weather Underground site remains popular and successful. It sports a page-strength ranking of 8.5 at seomoz.org, compared to Stuff in the Air's 5.0. This is on a scale of 1 to 10.

The Weather Underground website has nearly ten million in-pointing links, has been at its current domain since 1996. The website has an Alexa traffic rank of approximately 1000 and a Google Page Rank of 8. The envy of many web site operators.

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