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The BBC's website resources and UK weather forecasts can be accessed online.  What's the British Broadcasting Corporation?  Good question.  For starters, it's one of the biggest news agencies.  

BBC Online Weather is your portal to the world of meteorology!  A weather service from the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), known for global news coverage.

Find out how to predict the weather, from real-time updates to detailed forecasts.  Choose between metric and imperial units.  Discover the UK's unique climate, influenced by the warm Gulf Stream, where rain and fog reign.

There's more to it than forecasts; climate change is a big deal.  Watch alternative films to find out how it's changing our world in other ways.  Let's dive into the fascinating world of weather and climate together:

Get ready for a meteorological adventure on BBC Online Weather!  Here's how to use the BBC online weather service:

- Visit BBC Weather at or search for "BBC weather" on your favorite search engine.

- In the search box at the top, type in the name of the location you want a forecast for.

- From the search results, pick the location you want.

- You'll see the current weather conditions and a forecast for the next few hours for the selected location.

- Scroll down to the "Forecast" section to see the forecast for the next few days.

- To switch between daily and hourly forecasts, use the tabs at the top of the "Forecast" section.

- Click on individual days to see more detailed forecasts.

- Click the "Settings" button at the top to customize the forecast.  You can switch between metric and imperial units here.

That's all!  The BBC online weather service now has a forecast for your location.  Forecasts are updated hourly and include temperature, wind speed, humidity, and a detailed five-day outlook.  There's also an hourly precipitation graph and weather warnings.

A bit about UK Climate

In the United Kingdom and around the world, the BBC News and BBC online weather are legends.  The weather in England is mainly influenced by the ocean surrounding it.

As compared to other places at similar latitudes, they get a lot of precipitation and fog in the UK, along with mild year-round temperatures.   The warm Gulf Stream brings warm, moist air from the Gulf of Mexico to the UK.  As a result, temperatures stay mild and there's more rain and fog.

BBC Weather World says the UK's climate is changing.  The UK is experiencing more extreme weather events, like more intense storms and floods, as well as warmer summers and milder winters.  Global warming and the releasing of greenhouse gases have had the biggest impact on climate change in recent years.  By 2050, the UK government wants to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero.  For this to happen, the UK will need to change how it produces and uses energy, and use natural systems like forests to store carbon.

Human activity releases some greenhouse gases.  Curtailing certain activities could make changes within our control.  For more info, check out Solution Global Warming.

BBC online weather for you

As outlined above, their website offers easy-to-understand information about global warming and the greenhouse effect.  It might be worth a try if we can stop global warming.  There's disagreement about what's needed, though.

A great British documentary called The Great Global Warming Swindle challenges many core beliefs about climate change.  Ideas that have evolved over the years.  Although the film seems to attack the BBC at times, it's still worth watching.  Kudos to Martin Durkin and the crew.

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How does it work?

Earth's atmosphere acts like a greenhouse, trapping heat that's trying to escape.  It keeps us warm and makes life possible.  As the amount of gases that do this job increases, the earth's surface gets warmer, according to the traditional theory. 

There's evidence, though, that the earth's atmosphere may not be acting like a greenhouse.  Earth has experienced periods of warming and cooling long before humans started releasing greenhouse gases.  Therefore, it's possible that the earth is just going through a natural cycle of warming and cooling.

Earth's warmth is in balance right now.  We might be altering that balance by releasing extra greenhouse gases.  People are scared of change, and the BBC website will probably track it.

Why?  These substances are released during combustion.  The most common "greenhouse gas" is carbon dioxide, which is produced when trees burn and gasoline is burned in cars.

A little change in the earth's temperature can make a huge difference in our lives.  A rise in average temperature of less than one degree around the world could cause sea levels to rise and flood low-lying areas.  However, a slight increase in temperature could also help.

It could lengthen growing seasons, improve crop yields, and cut winter deaths.  Plants can grow longer in warmer temperatures, which can increase crop yields.  Also, people don't have to deal with extreme cold temperatures as often, which can lower hypothermia and other cold-related deaths.

It's a well-known issue.  Thanks to websites like the BBC's online weather.  You might want to make your own if you have knowledge to share.  How?  Try this approach.

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