Yes, saw the show and fully agreed with the ideas expressed.

by Paul
(Wirral, Britain)

Jim Inhofe, US global warming skeptic

Jim Inhofe, US global warming skeptic

I have had the feeling for quite some time that there is no man-made global warming.

I live in England and it still rains a lot, however that is not my entire reasoning regarding Climate change.

During the summer of 1976 we had a heatwave in Britain that lasted around five weeks, during this time the daytime temperatures hovered around the 80 to 90 degrees Farenheit mark. we have recently been told that 2008 was the hottest summer on record. I know from personal experience that this is not true.

we have also suffered flooding in britain that was "the worst since 1950's", this would indicate that the floods were worse in the 1950's. a quick google reveals that there were worse floods again around the 1900's. It would appear that every 50 years or so natures cycles co-incide to bring extreme rainfall, and the flooding that accompanies it, to Britain. so the floods were not unusual in the long term.

We have just had "the worst snowfall for 13 years" but 12-13 years before that there was severe snowfall in Britain and 12-13 years before that.

As we in Britain are obsessed with the weather, there are always lots of news reports when the weather is "unusual". These news reports, dating back decades, can be found on the internet. the facts are there to see.

The BBC have bought into the Global Warming issue and promote the idea relentlessly, however one news report nearly gave the game away. on BBC news24 a reporter had gone to the McMurdo station in the antarctic, he was dressed in a thick parka with a fur lined hood. he reported, in his Bezzie mate tone, that he was freezing at minus 32 degrees centigrade, he then went to speak to some scientists who were enjoying spending their £10 million research grant on their polar adventure holiday, they explained to the viewers that the ice was melting and it was really scary what mankind was doing to the planet.

OK, so the ice is melting but the air temperature is at minus 32. I found this a little odd, my schoolboy physics tells me that water freezes around 0 degrees centigrade, to my amazement just as the report came to an end the reporter mentioned that there is an active volcano (mount Erebus) erupting under the ice and the scientists weren't sure if that might be the cause of the melting. Them boys sure are worth their grant money ain't they?

Now you might ask why would they scare us so, well

Theory number 1, most people are agreed that we are running low on oil. if the government said "listen guys, we're a bit short on the old black gold here so would you mind awfully not using so much ?" there would be panic buying, people would be storing vast amounts of highly flammable liquids in their garden sheds and we would have to pump it out of the ground even faster. so the answer, scare the hell out of us, no panic though because it's not a problem for another 50 years.

Theory number 2, thirty years ago when the gov said "hey guys, its us again, how about we build a couple of nuclear power stations ?" Thousands of people marched in the streets, disrupted construction, protested outside parliament,
Scare the hell out of us, now we welcome them.
After chernobyl the itaian gov, after a popular vote closed down all their nuke stations and prohibited them in law, they have just agreed to build 15 new ones.

Theory number 3, china and india are investing heavily in their industries just as the west has let these industries go, China is likely to overtake the USA as the worlds largest economy within 20 years, how do we stop that from happening, scare the hell out of them and get them to voluntarily reduce their industrial output, Kyoto treaty. brilliant.

I do not know which it is but I am sure it's one of them. there is simply NO man made global warning .

Barry's Response - A good radical view never hurt anyone. So I'll poke a bit of fun at it...Thanks, Paul.

Search this site for more information now.

Hey, it's always good to question things, just maybe not with a magnifying glass in a snowstorm!

Hey, ladies and gentlemen, it seems our friend from England has a Sherlock Holmes approach to climate change! Now, don't get me wrong, I like a good mystery, but let's figure it out. Our British detective argues that because he's experienced hot and cold spells, global warming must be a myth. But wait, folks, that's like saying you can't have good days and bad days in the stock market because it's all about making money!

Then there's the volcano twist in Antarctica. That's like saying your fridge melts ice cream because you left the toaster plugged in!🍦🔥 Hey, I love conspiracy theories.

Last but not least, he thinks governments are pulling the wool over our eyes. People, we can't even agree on pizza toppings, and you're telling me world governments are working together on climate change?

Who woulda thunk?

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by: Anonymous


From ChatGPT - It seems like your message got cut off. If you have any questions or need assistance with anything, please feel free to provide more details, and I'll be happy to help!

Good Article
by: Anonymous

Nice Article.It reveals the truth.This website seems to have more useful articles.I like to go through all of it.

From Barry - It's well-written and based on his facts, so it's more authentic. Also, it brings up some important points that are often overlooked and gives a different perspective on some of the issues.

Controversy adds value to the article, making it more interesting and thought-provoking.

Good Radical View?
by: Annie82

In response to Barry, perhaps if this WAS a good radical view it wouldn't hurt anyone, but this is quite the opposite. Inhofe is just showing his ignorance of the facts. I'm sure he has his reasons but they are not for the good of life on our planet. Climate change is a fact.

From Barry - However, Inhofe's view isn't the only one. Inhofe's view isn't as dire as other possible explanations for climate change, like natural variability.

Inhofe's view doesn't necessarily represent the majority. But I'll let it exist and have fun with it.

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