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no west aust

by peter valentine
(perth west aust)

ALL of Australia, please?

ALL of Australia, please?

I have just watched the weather on the BBC & it is sub standard. I love the news becaus it is the best, but when it comes to the weather it is sub standard. When you show Australia, the eastern states gets all the coverage & Perth gets someone standing in front of it

What is wrong with you? Are the weather people all slow learners. I have sent emails before telling them west Aust. is one third of the country & Perth is the most isolated capital in the world.

Get your graphics department to make the map of Australia smaller so the person doing the weather isn't standing in front of Perth or cut them out of the map - let me guess, the weather person is South African. I see more of South Africa than I do of Perth. See if you can get it right; please let me guess the editor's name is Richard Craneham.

Barry's Response - Well, this is a familiar sounding problem. I live in Canada and the National weather broadcasters here tend to prefer Toronto and Montreal, and give second-thought to the west. At least they will mention Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver, but usually at the end of the same breath.

On the whole, though, they're pretty good. Maybe the Australian weather channel could take a few notes from Canada's Weather Network.

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