BBC weather

BBC Leeds

BBC Leeds

I have heard of BBC but I don't think I have seen the show.

I don't think I would be able to put up with the weather in the U.K. I dislike rain. I would not mind the mild-temperatures. But we all complain about the weather no matter where we are.

I think the BBC would be the best source for the U.K. but not where I live.

I don't know to much about The great global warming swindle.

I don't think there would be a better way of presenting environmental ideas.

Barry's Response - They probably have other networks in the UK, but few people in North America would know about them.

BBC is more than just a show. There's a whole broadcasting network called "The Beeb" like PBS.

People are affected by the weather psychologically. Maybe you've heard of seasonal affective disorder. Long stretches of gloomy weather, or even normal winter weather, can cause this mood disorder. Lack of direct sunlight can cause vitamin D deficiency. During long stretches of gloom, that's definitely possible.

In Canada, I hear that British Columbia winters can make people depressed. Some locales in the province can go a month or longer with steady rain and fog and no sun, so there is obviously a connection. They have even been known to envy the
sunny, if frigid, winter weather on the prairies.

Here's something new. Have a look at for new ways of presenting weather (and climate averages) information for your location.

Search this site for more information now.

Ah, the BBC, or as some call it, the "Beeb." Now, this is an institution that's been around for ages, longer than some of us can remember.

You could say it's the UK's answer to our big media outlets here in the US.

The BBC takes their weather pretty seriously. Over there, it's like a national pastime, even more than baseball is here. It's called BBC Weather, and they've been doing it since before I was born.

Just type 'BBC weather' into your favorite search engine and you've got the latest weather info for the UK. There's a forecast for every place in the United Kingdom, I guarantee it.

Here's the kicker: they're good at it. They have to be, with all that unpredictable British weather. It's rain, fog, sun, and maybe some more rain all in one day. It's a science to them.

Here's where it gets interesting, and some might say intrusive. They've got these detailed forecasts, and I'm talking hours. What's the weather gonna be like at 3:47 PM in London next Thursday? They've probably got it!

They've got these charming weather presenters with British accents that make everything sound official, like they're reading Shakespeare. Really, it's like a performance.

But hey, I've got to give them credit, they know how to keep their people informed, and they've got a loyal following. They treat weather like a national emergency every day. That's the BBC for you, and that's how they do weather.

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