Save the global weather in simple DEEDS

by sreekar
(hyderabad,Andhra pradesh, India)

Atmosphere, Clouds and Virga

Atmosphere, Clouds and Virga

The weather in U.K is filled with a lot of fog and precipitation, mild year-round temperatures. Due to natural reasons U.K weather is changing. They may be releasing of greenhouse gases, using of electronic goods, vehicles.

Yes, BBC is the best source to get the news and weather information.

The better way to present environmental ideas and information is one should get the knowledge of the weather, how it was and is? As we watch BBC weather and news we can know the condition of global warming and take the preventions as growing the plants and using the electronic goods and vehicles in a proper manner

Barry's Response - Yes, Sreekar, it's important to know and preserve the health of our atmosphere.

Recycling electronics. Why didn't I think of that? The amount of
garbage from post-consumer electronic goods can amaze us, even in traditional third-world nations. It's possible to recycle precious metals, but you still have to dispose of the rest.

It doesn't decompose. It's mostly plastic. Burning it's no good - too toxic. So we need appropriate recycling facilities for this stuff, everywhere in the world. We also need producers and consumers to make better decisions. What to make or buy, how to use it, and then what to do with it.

Search this site for more information now.

Here's what we're doing about global warming.

Staying on top of the weather and keeping up with the latest news is just the tip of the iceberg.

My kudos to those of us who are taking proactive steps to mitigate climate change by planting more trees and being more responsible with our gadgets and cars. That's great, but we've got to keep going!

Wind and solar power are getting prioritized in policies. It's not just about individual actions, it's about systemic change. Leaders who understand the urgency of this crisis and are willing to implement sustainable solutions are needed.

Don't forget the power of education! We shall make sure our kids learn the right things about climate science. We're shaping the future with knowledge.

As we watch the weather and read the news, let's remember that our collective actions matter, ramp up our efforts, support appropriate green initiatives, hold our leaders accountable and finally, work together to deal with global warming!

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