A solution to pollution

by Samantha
(Sanford US)

Giant Air Plume

Giant Air Plume

We need a solution to pollution - I think it is very wrong to pollute our water and air.So hopefully people will stop pulluting the air and water and stop hearting the animals because every time you put pollution into the water fish and other merine life die. And stop polluting the air for the same reason.

Barry's Response - Samantha:

We can now add to that pollution in the earth's orbit, in space. Remants falling off satellites and other junk plus burnt fuel fumes. I mean, this stuff's gotta fall back down somewhere, sometime. Hopefully not your head or mine.

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Solution to pollution
by: kalpsadit

I strongly agree that some measures to be taken to stop polluting the air and water. But it is not a very easy task with the growing population and technological advancement. Rather, it is better to adapt to the situation and try to learn to live with pollution.

What is the solution
by: cangel

Your article makes us think about what the results of pollution can be. Now we need some solutions. And the solutions begin with each of us. We cannot depend on governments and everyone else. It is up to us to clean up our environment and to share ideas about what we as individuals can do. I have one suggestion - not using, or reusing plastic bags to store food. Food can be stored in reusable or biodegradable containers.

Great Article.
by: Anonymous

Yes a good review or article on pollution. It learns us the knowledge about pollution. I like it.

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