AHHHHHH Where Going To crash

by Krystian Bailey
(Fort Worth TX)

My Negiborhood Covered In Snow

My Negiborhood Covered In Snow

It was just Friday and I was getting home from school, but when I get home it seemed quiet and I didn't see any lights on, so I asked my mom if the lights shut off and she replied, "Yes, we have no heat and electricity and you know Mrs. Jessie has to have her oxygen. We're going to have to stay in a hotel 'cause we can't stay here. It's too cold."

"Go get one of your old backpacks and put some clothes in it. Hurry up, Krystian!" she yelled at me. "I'm about to go pick up your sister so finish packing and I'll be back." When Keanna got back home, Keanna had to pack her clothing and then we all got in the car before we got to the hotel.

We had to go and drop my grandmother off at my uncle's house because she needed her oxygen air tank so she can breathe. After we did that we headed downtown to get to the hotel and on the way, we were driving and we slid across the highway and almost hit the fence. I got so scared that I started crying and made my sister cry, too.

When we were pulling up to the hotel, we had to go through valet parking so we had to get a cart and put everything on it. After we got everything out the car we all went in and checked in 'cause my cousin had gotten us a hotel suite, so we had a big room it was really fun because we got to take my dog with us, Coco.

After the night went by, my sister Keanna, my mom and I all stayed in the room all night. When it was morning we all woke up really early. We all had coffee and we ordered room service to bring us some breakfast. We ate and than we all went out to the lobby and took our dog with us to get out of the room for a little while.

After a couple of days our 'across the street' neighbors called us at the hotel and told us that our electricity is on and we could come back home, but me and Keanna wanted to stay because we didn't want to go home now. So we stayed for another night. The next morning my mom had to go pick up my grandma up from work so I and Keanna and Kennedi and Coco were at home by ourselves. But on the way home my mom picked us up some Subway when they came back to the hotel. We ate and watched TV for a little while, then we went back home.

Barry's Response - Yes, Krystian, sudden changes in the weather like this can really disrupt your life. Thanks for the detailed story and photo. Hope all went well.

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