Air Pollution is killing the Planet

by Lindsay Jackson

All kinds of pollution.

All kinds of pollution.

Air Pollution is killing us and our Earth and we need to help with saving our planet and we don't want to die now do we so get up pick up any glass bottles laying around of do something about the glass, cans, or paper on the ground.

This would really help the planet if you just participate.

Barry's Response - It's a good start. For a variety of reasons. Thanks, Lindsay.

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by: Anonymous

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Every Litter Bit Hurts
by: Gerry aka KOTO

Aloha Lindsay:

Every thing you say is very true, about the glass, cans and paper. You should also add to your list, plastic and cigarette butts, these 2 things contribute greatly to the main problems. Cigarette butts, flicked by unknowing or uncaring smokers, take up to 12 years to decompose. When these are left on beaches, parks, lakes and elsewhere, unknowing babies and wildlife ingest them, becoming contaminated, ill or dead.

Plastic bags also kill many things, one example is turtles, turtles eat jellyfish, plastic looks like jellyfish in the water so the turtles eat this crap and die, and so can other water and land animals. Lindsay, One thing you can do, that would be a big help where you live, Is to email, write or call City Hall, ask them what they can do. You can also voice your concerns in writing by stenciling messages onto Storm Drains that empty into your creeks, and whatnot.

This will be a start in saving our beautiful earth. We all have the potential of changing the world and it looks like you want to, Mahalo Nui Loa, Thank You Very Much.

Barry's Response - Thank you Gerry. You have made numerous important contributions to this website.

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