Air pollution study

by Mohammad
(Dhaka, Bangladesh)

Smog City!

Smog City!

I'm trying to plan an air pollution study. How can I start the air pollution modelling at first stage? I want to start my M.Sc. thesis.

Barry's Response - Mohammad:

Go to the USA site for air quality models and browse through the tremendous free stuff they have there. I'm sure you'll find plenty of stuff with substance (no pun intended).

The one I have used regularly is called ISC-PRIME, and can be found under alternative models, - It comes complete with user manual and documents explaining the physical sciences behind the model. I've also used Screen3, but it's probably too simplistic for your needs.

Even though these models are no longer used for official purposes, they're great for learning. AERMOD and CALPUFF may be appropriate as well. They're both more advanced.

Good luck with this air pollution study and happy hunting.

Search this site for more information now.

Modelers can learn the basics from government protocols.

The Alberta Air Quality Model Guidelines (where I live and work) form a rather complex and multifaceted document that gives comprehensive guidance on modeling air quality in the province. It's currently available at Let's get into this:

- Air quality modeling is crucial, my friends, because it helps us understand and predict how pollutants are distributed and concentrated across our province. Why is this important? It's because poor air quality can affect our health, our environment, and even our economy.

- It's not something you can just skim through in a few minutes. This is a thorough and detailed document that outlines the methodologies, the data requirements, the modeling processes, and the reporting standards for this rather complicated project. I must say, it's like embarking on a grand intellectual journey.

- The book discusses dispersion models, receptor models, data collection methods, and even model evaluation. Anyone interested in Alberta air quality modeling should check it out.

- But don't let its complexity fool you. We need it to breathe cleaner air, protect the environment, and make informed decisions about industrial activities that might affect air quality.

If it seems daunting, remember that it's there to serve a noble purpose, and with diligence and dedication, you can certainly navigate its depths and emerge with a better understanding of how to model and monitor air quality in Alberta.

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by: Josh

When i clicked i was hoping for something like this; there are so many people that think this way, and most of us don't care. It's very interesting idea and should be realized. We should take care of the air whit we live in, and these studies are a great project. I think petition should be added on this site, so the studies are pass tho schools all over the world.

From Barry - Hey Thanks, Josh! By passing these studies on to schools, we can further spread the word about how important it is to breathe clean air. It will also make young people aware of how their actions can affect the air we breathe, and how they can affect the environment.

Good Luck!
by: airam

Your study would be more interesting if you have a specific topic in mind so that it will be easier for you to look for resources, references you need. There are lot's of sites you can visit by just typing the specific you want.
Good luck to your grad studies!

From Barry - Choosing a topic allows you to focus on the areas that interest you most and narrow down your research. It also helps you find reliable sources of information and references since you have a more focused starting point. You can brainstorm potential topics for your study using ChatGPT.

by: Anonymous

Interesting idea but can you back this up with accurate modeling for upper atmospheric processes? I'd like to see more modeling.

From Barry - It's important to include temperature, pressure, and humidity when modeling upper atmospheric processes like stratosphere formation. In addition, you'd have to consider the interactions between molecules and layers. It's hard to understand processes without accurate modeling.

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