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air quality handbook

by Dr. Eng. Abouraya
(Port Said, Egypt)

A good solid air quality reference

A good solid air quality reference

I have work in the educational project of pollutions in the factories. please you can help me find the right air quality handbook or references.

Barry's Response - Dr.:

The one I am most familiar with is

Workbook of Atmospheric Dispersion Estimates: An Introduction to Dispersion Modeling, Second Edition (Hardcover) by D. Bruce Turner

Gaussian dispersion is what it's all about, as the diagram on the front cover shows. The second edition from 1994, shown here, updates readers on changes to modelling theory and techniques after the original volume was published in 1969. It came with a computer disk whose software you could use to calculate the basic secondary parameters of dispersion, such as plume rise. With it you could test a variety of scenarios quite easily.

The book goes into some of the shortcomings of this modelling as well. Sample problems included with the text give the reader a solid background for using the technical formulae contained in each chapter.

See https://www.amazon.com/Workbook-Atmospheric-Dispersion-Estimates-Introduction%20/dp/156670023X/sr=1-2/qid=1160197912/ref=sr_1_2/102-7091559-5993711?ie=UTF8&%20s=books for more details.

Though I have not read all of the text, It does cover the basics of the modelling we carry out - the major dispersion principles.

This air quality handbook is a good (though expensive) starting point for many young professionals in the field.

Search this site for more information now.

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Very Educational
by: Diane

Great site i learned a few tings, and will be back when i have more time to explore further.

Extremely Useful
by: Jason Burroughs

As a young professional in the field of engineering, this handbook has the potential to be very useful. Dispersion modelling is a very important subject.

just me
by: winetou1984

this is not the first post i comment on this site. it`s just great work. i`ve already recommended it to a few friends. 5 stars.

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