An Inconvenient Truth

by sunny

Area threatened by Global Warming

Area threatened by Global Warming

It was a good article. I am fully agree to this. But as said earlier everything is not included in it & even can't be.

There are some more things which we can do. For example, using BIO DIESEL. Global Warming is mainly due to vehicles which produce carbon monoxide. Bio diesel doesn't produce the same and hence helps in reducing Global Warming. One more thing is spray shaves. It's really a serious matter as it is increasing mainly in western countries. We should think about it seriously.

Global Warming is increasing the sea level,depleting our ozoen layer,reducing the life of our earth and thereby decreasing our life.

I seriously admire those people who work in this field. I, myself being an Engineer, know what is the problem in actuality and how it is going to be much more worse in future. So, I request you people to be active in the matter of solving this problem.

What you all can do at your personal level is to just have a check over the pollution level of your own car or bike, whatever you have. Grow more trees, try to avoid using perfumes, spray shaves and such type of products which produces harmful gases. One more thing you can do is to make each other understand how much important this Global Warming really is !!!!

Barry's Response - You would have to agree, Sunny, that these are wise things to do regardless of their effect on global warming.

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