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What could THAT be?

What could THAT be?

I believe it was in the month of February that these Armageddon clouds made their debut over Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Fairborn OH, and I quickly took pictures through my I-Phone 4. I would like to send what I took to someone who has text capability.

The only time I saw these cloud formations was while I was stationed at Hickam AFB HI (67-69) and people became rather 'scared' over seeing such mystic formation. They do have this audacious exploratory form about them as if they are about to claim their surrounding territory.

What is more mysterious is 'flying' through them making one feel as if you were flying through a battlefield or grave yard in the sky. Thanks for reading this and hope to hear from you.

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Barry's Response - Thanks for your input, William. You could have posted a photo or two here as well. I wonder if it was one of the types of clouds shown in this photo collage. Maybe.

It might be interesting to understand the physics behind the various cloud formations.

Search this site for more weather information now.

I will attempt to capture the moment.

On an ominous eve, at Hickam, a spectral manifestation adorned the heavens, thrusting forth its eerie appendages as if possessed by an audacious spirit. Those who saw this mystic formation were scared, since it had an otherworldly, foreboding face.

These clouds coalesced into shapes grotesque and looming, like phantasmagoric sentinels claiming dominion over the sky. This sight stirred men's souls, inspiring both trepidation and an inexplicable allure.

One could see spectral soldiers battling ethereal battles in the countenance of these nebulous forms. This macabre ballet of vapor and shadow resembles nothing more than a sinister painting from some divine artist.

To traverse this cryptic congregation aloft, a feat fraught with apprehension, was like soaring through a graveyard enshrouded by the celestial vault. Mortal vessel, engulfed by this enigmatic realm, dared to cross the line between life and death, a twilight where corporeal and ethereal blurred.

An encounter with the supernatural, undeniably, left a lasting impression on those who ventured through this labyrinthine world. The firmament's vast expanse is a haunting beauty shrouded in mystery, leaving a permanent mark on the human spirit.

Hickam's clouds witnessed an ethereal spectacle, a menacing and enchanting apparition, stirring deep, primal emotions. It was a tale of untold secrets and clandestine dreams woven by the ephemeral winds, forever etched upon the souls of those who dared to glimpse at them.

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