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I believe it was in the month of February that these Armageddon clouds made their debut over Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Fairborn OH, and I quickly took pictures through my I-Phone 4. I would like to send what I took to someone who has text capability.

The only time I saw these cloud formations was while I was stationed at Hickam AFB HI (67-69) and people became rather 'scared' over seeing such mystic formation. They do have this audacious exploratory form about them as if they are about to claim their surrounding territory.

What is more mysterious is 'flying' through them making one feel as if you were flying through a battlefield or grave yard in the sky. Thanks for reading this and hope to hear from you.

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Barry's Response - Thanks for your input, William. You could have posted a photo or two here as well. I wonder if it was one of the Search this site for types of clouds shown in this photo collage. Maybe.

It might be interesting to understand the physics behind the various cloud formations.

Search this site for more weather information now.

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