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Cartoon Scientist

Some traits may make other people compare me to a cartoon scientist. Ensconced in thought, comedic, showing unusual talents...My Myers Briggs personality type - ENTP. If you are an ENTP, maybe you can find yourself here too.

Or browse the letters individually below for specific characteristics as they have applied to my life.

What am I talking about here? A series of inquiries into how individuals work, mentally speaking, and what modes of operation they prefer to use, was invented by a mother-daughter team:  Katharine Briggs and Isabel Briggs-Myers.  They based this practical assessment on the pioneering research carried out by Carl Jung.

The results of the survey take on the form of a four-letter binary code, each representing a psychological dichotomy - each stating a preferred mode out of two options for each variable, leaving a total of 16 possible combinations.  While this may seem a little course, the implications are quite rich.  You can find all kinds of examples of output profiles all over the internet, plus libraries filled with books on the subject.   Anyway, what do my letters, ENTP, represent?

I am an inventor, who often likes to create data systems such as elaborate spreadsheets and mathematical methods for managing them. In doing so, I strive to improve things within my systems. You may like design, but I see it as a means to an end.

I am an entrepreneur. And, like any cartoon scientist of this type, I care about success.  If my interest is captured, I can solve or create anything and give quick and diverse answers to any question. With practice, I could be a competent  philosopher, computer guru, rock star, diplomat, weather channel personality, stand up comic , detective, scientist or even a master criminal, if I were so inclined.

You could say my special talent is vision beyond the obvious. Or hyper penetration of plain facts, explicit acumen, even wisdom outside of public knowledge. Typical cartoon scientist features.

Career in Meteorology - weather cartoon scientist

Cartoon Meteorologist

Another good career for Meyers Briggs ENTP types is weather forecasting, sort of like becoming the Punxsutawney Phil of the future.  These days, I do mostly air quality predictions. I can create chaos and destruction, as sometimes these are necessary for the creation of a reformed system from scratch. It all depends where the passions lie at any given time.

I like to use my intellect and savvy. And I like scientific methods, especially in a context where such an approach would seem out of place. A lot of statistical research and analysis went into these air web pages, for instance. And they are successful.  They attract readers who would most interested in what they have to offer.

I have amused others with my ability to solve logic puzzles and problems, and I can easily entertain two (or more) diabolically opposed ideas simultaneously.  This gives me the abilities I need to display my other traits listed here and to accomplish the things I do.

Cartoon Scientist Classic

I display good balance in an argument. I am generally even tempered, with occasional bits of volatility, and even though I may become annoyed with minor setbacks when on a task, I take pride in my talent at quickly getting the train back on the track.

You can find all kinds of free personality tests online to assess your own type. Use the keywords "myers" "briggs" and "free" in your search engine. Maybe include a combination of "type indicator", "psychology" and "personality" as well. Or even "career tests".

The letters in my Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI for short) are ENTP. They stand for Extrovert - iNtuitive - Thinking - and Perceptive.

Extrovert: other people and outer world.

I could be a charismatic leader. I seek competence in others. I have been labeled "enthusiastic", and enjoy associating and interacting with people.  I entertain. 

I am a skillful and passionate piano player, and vocalist / drummer who also enjoys participating in multimedia displays and workshops. It's just my musical ENTP personality.  See this example.

Like it? There are many more on the Youtube rock piano channel I created.

Variety in what I do captivates me, as I am not compelled to do something just because that's the way it has always been done. I balance many different jobs or interests at once - a trait often attributed to people with Gemini constellation signs (which happens to be the case for me as well).

I believe I am gentle, accepting of other people and their unique ways of accomplishing things, somewhat gregarious and not too demanding.

Pleasant and cooperative but not overly empathetic.

A definition for gregarious would include the need for company, popularity and interaction with a broad circle of people. However, I am also quite self-contained and not overly intimate.

I enjoy parties and unexpected changes for their novel qualities. I do quite well in an open and lively atmosphere and talk to many different people. From comedians to serious meteorology scientists and researchers.

Intuition and leadership.

I am a possibility person; creativity is my underlying modus operandi. I like complex and unusual ideas and things, therefore I'm OK in new and unusual situations.

New ideas entice me, that is why the internet is my oyster.

Cartoon Computer Programmer

I offer original insights and brainstorm thoroughly. And often come up with new ways to do things not seen before. I think I could make a great teacher, especially if unorthodox pedagogical methods are appreciated. After all, ideas trigger more ideas.

I handle life's changes much better than most people.  Surprises get a rise out of this friendly cartoon scientist. I see connections between things and events which other persons may miss or consider me nuts for making, and evaluate the need for the rules we observe on a case-by-case basis. This requires some optimism.  And I have plenty.

Risk in itself does not deter me. In fact I can sometimes become bored with stability. Thus, I may engage in uncertain ventures, and not just for fun. I focus on developing skill, excellence and power as well. And I am generally not afraid of the future and what mysteries it may hold.

As the old Star Trek TV show says, I might boldly go where no man has gone before.

One of my favorite movies is Steven Spielberg's Back to the Future, starring Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd. I also enjoyed Stanley Kubrick's Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb even as it cast Peter Sellers in several cartoon scientist type of roles. I think I need to see it again.

Pure imagination, just like a cartoon scientist

People have called me inspirational, visionary, abstract...and even strange. No I don't have a borderline personality disorder.  Thank you very much.

I can sometimes be misunderstood though, making great leaps in logic or intuition and leaving others behind. With a tendency to miss some key facts and gloss over the fine points, I may leave things unfinished, allowing more meticulous minds to complete the missing parts. While resourceful and independent, I can also seem superficial at times.

That's okay; my strong points overpower these things. A man of many solutions, I am very good with maps, blueprints and schematics, and show exceptional innovation in music. The artist is essentially the instrument.

Cartoon Astronomer

This trailblazer likes brainstorming, taking whatever options are available in study programs, and being comfortable when learning is unstructured and he is free to experiment with things.

I prefer a wide range of activities in my work and avoid undertakings requiring excessive rote memorization in my approach. I stay away from places where initiative is quashed in favor of accuracy, thoroughness and adherence to preset rules and procedures

I can also be absent-minded at times, and may neglect small details in routine assignments. It's helpful for me that great discoveries are often made by accident. Overall, not just any cartoon scientist can see the big picture and bring excitement to many situations. But I can.

Thinking - my secret to logical reasoning

I lend credence to things that are logical, scientific and clear, and naturally seek reasons for and connections behind things. This makes me naturally good at troubleshooting and Cartoon Scientist style problem solving using inductive reasoning reasoning capabilities. Like a lawyer, I quickly and accurately understand a situation and act upon it logically. I have used these qualities extensively in my studies of physics, math and atmospheric science.

Cartoon Physics

Though I tend to be cautious in drawing attention to them, I'm good at seeing flaws in others' logic and negotiations and then criticism is tactfully introduced in the form of contradictory ideas or funny jokes, (IMHO)  puns and other little word games amuse me and others. Just like you would expect from a good cartoon scientist.

On the whole, though, my cerebral qualities are applied internally, in a form officially known as introverted thinking, and it plays a secondary role to my extroverted intuitive traits outlined above.

At other times, I am perceived as supercilious and overly laconic. I could think of worse things.

Another thing people who like using their thinking function to make decisions prefer is mathematics. This field of study draws on impersonal, tough-minded application of objective principles as much as any other. 

I'm sure some of you can relate.  If so let me know here:

We are NOT Geeks

At least that's what some people think. Do you think math helps us to understand our world? Succeed at work? Use a computer?

You bet. That reminds me, it can help make you a better gambler if you're so inclined.

What's the most important thing math helps you with?

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Here's another illustration

What is critical thinking?  A good definition of critical thinking includes intellectual evaluation that incorporates knowledge of historical background, thorough research, and solid judgment.

The NT combination is often (originally by David Keirsey) referred to as a rational temperament, commonly found in scientists. The cartoon drawings found on https://www.insightgame.org/nt.php illustrate NT characteristics rather succinctly. Enjoy.

Perceptions - what is the definition of open mind.

Keeping my options open is of utmost importance. I hesitate to commit to a plan at the outset of a project and instead decide and communicate what to do next when the job is partly underway, as things which were initially unclear become more certain to me. I prefer evolutionary development, allowing issues to emerge and dealing with them then.

Cartoon Chemist

This gives me every chance I need to remain quite patient most of the time. Therefore, others refer to me as easygoing and pleasant. A reason for this is I don't push them (or myself) for decisions too quickly. Decisions are often made by the process of elimination, rather than forced pre-maturely.

This cartoon scientist also enjoys mixing work and play, which allows for surprises and reduces stress considerably. It also gives me the capacity to work as an individual within a team context, and have the adaptability to accommodate the needs of others.

I like to think on my feet and play by ear, but I have other body parts I like to use too.

My way is to solve problems ingeniously, rather than drawing up and sticking to a plan. It's spontaneous and undisciplined, and that suits me just fine. I give the objective of understanding others priority over judging them.

They say I go with the flow, think out of the box, like getting into the swing of things and have great potential to be a packrat. Don't go into my hard-drive, or else you might not get out.

Lest you should think of this cartoon scientist as a pushover, I improve or redesign things even if the status-quo is acceptable. This rocks the boat a little. Every cartoon scientist needs that sometimes.

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