Benefits of the use of calpuff air model

Dispersion modeling

Dispersion modeling

I have no idea what we are writing about here. This article makes no sense and I have learned nothing from it.

I have never heard of any of these air quality models before and this article did not even approach explaining them to me. The most inciteful paragraphs were the second and the third.

I do have a concern for air quality and a general interest could be sparked about how factories determine what kind of pollution I will be breathing. Your article however did not spark any interest nor did it explain very much. The title doesn't make any sense and doesn't even seem to apply to what you have written about.

It would not take much to persuade me that a 10 year old wrote this piece. The only positive thing I can say is that prior to reading this article I had never heard of the three air quality models. Now I can say that I have heard of them but how they work, their benefits and shortcomings have not been described though.

Nor has it been clearly defined when one would be preferred over another, except for briefly in the fourth paragraph. The title states that that is what the article is about.

Barry's Response - Thank you. It warrants review and refinement. For the most part the dispersion model article has been written with the
  • assumption of some basic familiarity with the general practices of environmental sciences.
  • That could be in meteorology or ground water etc., and knowing that uncertainties exist throughout this group of professions, and they each have their own way of dealing with them.

That said, I'm glad this was able to help you in some way, at least. The interested but unfamiliar could benefit from reading it a second time as well.

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