CALPUFF Training

by Barry

TRC Solutions

TRC Solutions

TRC Engineering and TRC Solutions are listed on the NYSE as TRR. TRC Solutions' Atmospheric Studies Group (ASG) puts on CALPUFF courses sometimes.

The EPA adopted CALPUFF several years ago, and it's now the world standard for air dispersion modeling. The number of countries that hold it in high regard keeps growing, and consultants who know how to do CALPUFF assessments are in high demand.

CALPUFF is best for jurisdictions with hilly terrain and long emission travel distances. The original methodology of using dynamic multi-dimensional weather data made this system a stand-out amongst many choices and keeps it there.

Lakes Environmental trains all over the world. Check out these options. Registrations can be made on their website at

If you are a air quality consultant and need to know the best way to expand your capabilities, search this site for more CALPUFF information now.

If you need a CALPUFF modelling assessment completed, please contact Calvin Consulting for Air Quality Dispersion Modelling in Calgary, Alberta.

Here is more information on the subject.

As well as CALPUFF's success, I'd like to point out the importance of specialized consultants, like TRC and Lakes Environmental, who provide expertise in using CALPUFF. The original dynamic multidimensional weather data methodology of CALPUFF makes it a competitive advantage in challenging terrain with long emissions-travel-distances.

The demand for such specialized knowledge is growing, and companies like TRC and Lakes Environmental are committed to providing training and solutions.

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