Canada has a summer, but it never seems to last long enough.

by Kevin
(Manitoba, Canada)

This is not Summer here.

This is not Summer here.

I live in Canada. Manitoba to be exact, and it is true that it can be very cold. It is the coldest in January, probably averaging about -15°C. There are days that I remember it getting down to -60°C with the windchill. On those days, you do not want to go outside for long. Your skin can freeze in under 5 minutes.

On the more mild days in the winter, there are lots of things to do outside. Many people like to snowmobile, and most kids grow up skating or playing hockey. We also have world class ski hills not very far away.

It is not all cold though. One thing that people might not know about Canada is that it can get very hot. In July and August it can easily reach the high 30's°C. If you are going to live in Canada you need to be able to adjust to both extremes.

Barry's Response - Thanks Kevin. In Calgary, where I live, winter temperatures oscillate between deep cold periods Manitobans become used to and occasional warm periods brought on by Chinook winds. Calgary can be the envy of the nation at times.

Is there a reason why someone might be interested in Canadian summer weather?

Canadian summer weather can be interesting for several reasons:

- Plan your vacation based on Canadian summer weather. The summer months in Canada are filled with outdoor activities and attractions, like hiking, camping, festivals, and exploring national parks. Individuals can plan their trips and choose the best time to visit different parts of Canada by understanding the weather patterns and average temperatures.

- During summer, outdoor recreational activities are popular, and understanding the weather conditions is key to planning and participating. Whether you're hiking, biking, swimming, or just enjoying picnics and barbecues, knowing the weather forecast helps you plan ahead.

- Tourists and travelers who want to explore different parts of the country can find Canadian summer weather interesting. The weather in Canada varies significantly from region to region. Coastal regions may have milder temperatures, while southern regions may have hotter weather and longer daylight hours.

- Summer in Canada is full of events, festivals, and outdoor concerts. Weather forecasts are important to event organizers, attendees, and performers to make sure they're prepared, like providing shelter or making alternate plans.

- Those in sectors that are heavily dependent on weather conditions, like agriculture, construction, or outdoor recreation, need to understand Canadian summer weather.

Canadians enjoy their short summers. It's common to joke about welcoming global warming, but please don't take it too seriously.

Search this site for more information now.

Work schedules, crop growth, construction projects, and other outdoor operations can be affected by weather patterns. Individuals in these industries can plan their activities better when they know the weather.

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Awesome post
by: Anonymous

This is the wonderful post which I saw these days thank for this nice share

I am really looking
by: Anonymous

I am really looking forward to skiing there. It is so very pretty and amazing there. Hopefully I can visit there one day.

From Barry - There are lots of different landscapes and cultures in this country. There's a lot to see and do, and the people are great. It's a great place to visit.

The Rocky Mountains, the Northern Lights, and Niagara Falls are some of the natural wonders of this country. Explore untouched wilderness and vibrant cities, too.

by: Lethbridge

I liked your article.

It's true about Canadian winters being too short. I'm from Lethbridge and the weather can get really cold (-50 to -60 with the wind chill factor) too. We are lucky enough to have the Chinook winds to change the weather quickly, often from one day to the next. So as the saying goes in Lethbridge, if you don´t like the weather, just wait 15 minutes!

From Barry - Lethbridge's weather can be unpredictable and change fast. Sunny and warm can turn cold and rainy in a matter of minutes (and the other way too when the Chinooks blow) - so it's rarely to the surprise of locals.

by: Anonymous

I found this article very interesting. I live in Ontario which is in Canada. We have summer from June to August. I guess that is because we are not as far north as you are. It gets really hot and humid those months which is nice sometimes because of the cold weather Canada experiences.

I really enjoy reading these articles. I hope you have more to post soon.

From Barry - The heat can also be oppressive (I understand), so stay hydrated and take breaks in the shade when needed. In the office and at home, air conditioning can make it more comfortable.

Some Canadians love the hot, humid weather after a long, cold winter. Heat can help relieve stress and bring relief to people who have been stuck inside for months, and humidity keeps the air feeling fresh.

Others, believe it or not, prefer the colder months.

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