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Canada not doing enough

by Don Kormos
(Strathmore AB Canada)

A little less of this, please.

A little less of this, please.

Why is all of our recycling done in the US?

As a truck driver, I have personally hauled crushed plastic to California, Cubed aluminum cans to Idaho, and used Paper to Tacoma for recycling.

This is because we have no facilities to do this in Canada. Furthermore, I have hauled RE-cycled plastic beads back from California to Canada as well as re-cycled Aluminum ingots back from Idaho to Canada.

What is the cost to the environment with regards to fuel burned etc. to do this in the US? How many Canadian jobs are exported to do this in the US?

Barry's Response - A waste. Isn't it, Don. Canada has been in a trade-deficit position since late 2008, the first time in over 30 years. How can we fix this and save the environment a bit at the same time? Here's how.

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by: Anonymous

It is hard to believe that Canada does not have any recycling plants. They should not be wasting money to take it to the States. Something should be done. It will create more jobs in the area and it will help the environment.

I thought this article was very interesting. I never knew about this. It was quite a surprise.

by: guysoffer

Wow. this is really shocking. I live in Israel, and while the situation here isn't much better, at least we're trying. Almost all waste is recycled, and I do my best to conserve water by recycling my used bath and tap water to water my garden. I also try to grow as many vegetables and fruit as I can, mostly because I enjoy this.

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