Cancer cost by diesel fuel or fossil fuel if you will and gasoline

by qim
(jersey city)

People can disagree with you on global warming but where is all this cancer coming from? Why is the body coming to so much?

Business men, many have lost their hold on making money and no longer care how they make it; just get it. Everything else is collateral damage. That's where I think global warming began.

Barry's Response - You're right on, Q. Diesel fuel is considered to be carcinogenic. Sometimes these fuel exhaust gasses have particulate matter in them...little bits of solids that result from fuel usage and hang in the air for a while afterwards and get deep into your lungs. Workers who are exposed to this stuff in the air day-in and day-out, such as those in transportation and other diesel-consuming industries, have a greater risk than the general public. Everyone does, however, receive some exposure. A Wikipedia article on diesel exhaust provides us another disturbing example:

For over 10 years, concerns have been raised in the USA regarding children's exposure to diesel-particulate-matter as they ride diesel-powered school buses to and from school. In 2013, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) established the Clean School Bus USA initiative in an effort to unite private and public organizations in curbing student exposures.

These are real causes for concern. Diesel stinks. The distinguishable odour comes from sulphur contained in the raw fuel, and it can be controlled. The fumes also contain varying amounts of Nitrogen-Oxides, Carbon Monoxide, dioxins and furans and many other chemicals. See a more exhaustive list (pun intended) here in the same article:

The majority of diesel exhaust, however, is urea and water. Both of these components are used by the body in a number of ways.

So it’s really the trace components to concern ourselves with here. What acute effects do people see? Vertigo, nausea and difficulty breathing and other allergy-like symptoms are common. Of greater concern are the effects of chronic exposure. Primarily heart and lung disease, including cancer of course. And heart attacks, too. There may even be impaired performance seen in the brain over time.

Just a few lovely things to think about.

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