Car Air Pollution and Global Warming

by Alex
(Bellingham, WA)

Insight Air

Insight Air

If car air pollution is what causes global warming, then how come there was no global warming in the 1960's when cars were polluting the air way worse than now? Car technology is way better than it was back then.

------------------------------ I've also heard that global warming isn't really happening. Yes, the average tempature of the earth has risen, but not by very much. I heard that in the last century, the average tempature of the earth has risen and fallen. Right now, the average tempature is about two degrees higher than it was 100 years ago. What do you say about that?

Barry's Response - Alex: Good point. Here are a few supplemental thoughts on global warming and car air pollution.

1) Pollution per car is lower, but there are more cars. There's also a lot more driving per car.

2) Cars are a major source, but they're not the only one. There's a lot more pollution around the world now. Natural sources are also there, but you can probably assume that their contribution stays relatively constant over time.

3) The greenhouse effect has always been there, but global cooling was the concern back then. Climate is affected by more than pollution.

Check out this page for more info on natural global warming and cooling.

It's great to see you're passionate about the environment, and I appreciate your curiosity about car pollution and global warming.

To get a better understanding, let's explore this further. Although car technology has improved over the years, global warming is influenced by more than just car emissions. Global warming is caused by greenhouse gas emissions from cars, power plants, deforestation, industrial activities, and more.

The science of climate change and its link to greenhouse gas emissions was still evolving in the 1960s. Our understanding of the complex interactions and long-term effects of climate change has deepened since then, thanks to scientists and researchers.

Also, car usage and emissions have grown significantly since the 1960s. With more cars on the road, there's a bigger carbon footprint from transportation. Cars may be more fuel-efficient and emit fewer pollutants than in the past, but the cumulative impact of more cars has contributed to the increase in greenhouse gas emissions.

To address the issue of global warming, we need to take a holistic approach that involves improving car technology as well as switching to cleaner, more sustainable energy sources, promoting energy efficiency, reducing deforestation, and implementing policies that help reduce emissions globally.

Our planet can be healthier and more sustainable if we understand the complex dynamics of climate change and advocate for sustainable practices.

Search this site for more information now.

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by: jeny

I stay miles away from pollution. My home is in the village where i get fresh air.

Nice article!
by: Nicky Parker

I completely agree to the points mentioned here. Cars of these days are fully advanced and are causing less pollution than that of the earlier days. I appreciate the work of researchers. Yet we have not stop polluting air by using cars but have minimized it up-to some days. But I hope, days are not far when we can use pollution free cars. Smart cars, hybrid cars and solar cars are the steps towards this future. Presently a well maintained vehicle is the key to reduce air pollution. Thanks for sharing such a good discussion.

From Barry - We are making progress, as we invest in green technology, use electric cars, and promote environmentally friendly transportation. We can also promote carpooling and public transportation. Last but not least, we can keep researching and developing new clean technologies to reduce emissions.

by: John Scuito

More People, More Cars, More Miles Driven all adding up with out the clean up. I live in a 1920's home, When it was first built they white washed it and again every year untill the mid 30's then every couple years it got painted in lead based until the 70's when every few years it got latex. When we replaced a window last year we found a sturdy 1/2" layer of paint and between it was rotten wood. Global Warming is like that!

Cars are not the only cause
by: Amit

yes you are absolutely right that cars are not the only causes of global warming.there are so many factors mostly various industries.

Global warming is Effecting Us badly
by: Adam

It sounded like a stubborn Person that is refusing to acknowledge that global warming is true, global warming is not a myth. This time around the summers were too Hot, and Winters too Cold its all cause of the Global Warming, Global Warming is something that doesnt happen in Few days, it took its time and even though Cars are less Poluting now, that doesnt help it. Just read the article like "Why is Global Warming Unstoppable and Unavoidable" which are intresting to know. Just check the info about Global Warming on this site it will open your eyes.

Short but Sweet
by: April

1. My first impression o this article is that it isn't bogged down with a lot of boring info like most articles on global warming. 2. The article is intersting because this is an important current event that everyone seems to be discussing no. 3. This article has inspired me to explore this site further. 4. I would like to know more about how the earths air quality affects the wildlife on our planet and what can each individual do to help.

by: Burger

Interesting opinion. I thought you sounded just like those stubborn people that refuse to acknowledge that global warming is true, but you do have some valid points. Many people feel that global warming is just a myth, but that shouldn't stop people from being more careful about our habits and how it's affecting the environment. Sure, there wasn't as big of a problem with global warming when cars were just made, but remember it wasn't like they were driving a whole lot when many of the highways/freeways and gas guzzling Hummers and SUVs weren't around at the time. Also, like what Barry said, there are also a lot more factor going into global warming than just cars. Good article and opinion though.

From Barry - In the past few decades, industrial emissions, deforestation, and agricultural practices have all contributed to global warming. On top of that, there are more cars and other vehicles on the road, which produces more emissions. We know that and have evolved significantly.

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