Caribbean jobs in weather

by Ria
(Tunapuna, Trinidad &Tobago)

We love our weather!

We love our weather!

I need to find Caribbean jobs in weather; what is required to become a meteorologists? for example,degrees in geography, physics, mathematics etc. Lastly, do you know of any meteorology schools in trinidad?

Barry's Response - Ria:

Hey, degrees in those fields aren't necessary, but strengths in each of those fields are. Some countries have schools that teach meteorology and award degrees. Some of them require math, physics, geography, and chemistry.

Here are some employers in the Caribbean:

Bahamas Department of Meteorology - This is the national meteorological agency that monitors and forecasts weather patterns and issues weather alerts.

The Caribbean Institute for Meteorology and Hydrology is based in Barbados and provides meteorological and hydrological services. Weather and climate training and research are offered at the center.

Barbados Meteorological Services - The island's national meteorological agency gives weather forecasts and warnings. It also collects and analyzes meteorological data for research and climate monitoring.

Dominica Meteorological Service Canefield Airport - Canefield Meteorological Services Canefield Airport: This is the Dominica Meteorological Service's meteorological office. Dominica's weather forecast and warning service.

The Grenada Meteorological Service monitors and forecasts weather patterns and issues weather alerts and warnings. Grenada Meteorological Service - The Grenada Meteorological Service monitors and forecasts weather patterns and issues weather alerts and warnings. It provides meteorological and hydrological services to Guyana, like weather forecasting, river and flood monitoring, and climate data analysis.

Jamaica's Meteorological Service monitors and forecasts weather patterns and issues weather alerts and warnings.

Meteorological Services, St. Lucia - Saint Lucia's Meteorological Services provides weather forecasts and warnings. It also collects and analyzes meteorological data for research.

Meteorological Service, St. Vincent - It's the national meteorological service for Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, responsible for monitoring and forecasting weather patterns.

Meteorological Service Suriname - Provides weather forecasts and warnings for Suriname. In addition, it collects and analyzes meteorological data. Training and degree programs are available at the Caribbean Meteorological Institute in Barbados.

There's a Meteorological Services in Trinidad and Tobago that monitors and forecasts weather patterns and issues weather alerts and warnings.

AAAS/NSF Science and Technology Policy Fellow - Scientists and engineers get the chance to work for federal agencies and congressional offices in the U.S. and help shape science and technology policy.

They can point you in the right direction for the right education and credentials.

The Caribbean Meteorological Institute (in Barbados) offers a B. Sc. in meteorology, part of the B. Sc. under agreement with the Caribbean Meteorological Council.

TTBS, Trinidad & Tobago Bureau of Standards, or the Meteorological Services Division of the Ministry of Public Utilities and the Environment might be able to help. You could check for Caribbean jobs in weather here, since they're behind the National Meteorology of Trinidad and Tobago, and might be able to help you find the right path to getting your qualification.

This last one has a Canadian connection, so I'm interested in it. Bellairs Research Institute is a field station operated by McGill University on Barbados' west coast. It was founded in 1954 by a Canadian geologist named James Bellairs.

The institute supports fields like marine biology, ecology, geology, and archaeology. Because of its diverse Caribbean environment, Bellairs Research Institute attracts researchers from all over. Visiting researchers have access to labs, lecture facilities, and accommodations on site. In addition to coral reefs and marine reserves, it has a variety of terrestrial ecosystems, so it's a great place to study natural resources.

Generally, these employers do weather forecasting, climate monitoring, data analysis, and research. Their education and credentials might depend on their position and level of responsibility.

Search this site for more information now.

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by: Sam

I don’t know the information about the meteorology schools in Trinidad. But I think there will be good schools for meteorology. If you want to know the complete details, it is better to contact the educational department in Trinidad. You just try to get the information from there.

From Barry - Many websites provide information about schools in Trinidad, so you can do some research online. Also, you can talk to alumni to get a better idea of the school.

by: Anonymous

I really like this site. I really enjoy reading about the weather and do care about meteorology. It is a hobby of mine but one day hopefully a dream.

From Barry - Get started by researching topics online to learn the basics of meteorology. You can also join a meteorology club or take a course. In the end, you'll be able to use this knowledge to your advantage.

by: Anonymous

The information that was provided was very informational and to the point regarding the question answered. This seems like a very nice site I would enjoy exploring further.

From Barry - Many would like to learn more about clouds, weather patterns, and how climate change affects them. This website has many pages to let readers know how meteorologists predict the weather and how technology has improved their accuracy.

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