Caribbean jobs in weather

by Ria
(Tunapuna, Trinidad &Tobago)

We love our weather!

We love our weather!

I need to find Caribbean jobs in weather; what is required to become a meteorologists? for example,degrees in geography, physics, mathematics etc. Lastly, do you know of any meteorology schools in trinidad?

Barry's Response - Ria:

Hi, degrees in those fields are not required, but strengths in each of the disciplines you mention are certainly needed. There are schools in some countries which teach meteorology and award degrees in that field. They require prerequisite knowledge in math, physics, geography and chemistry in some cases.

In the Caribbean, you might check out these employers:

Department of Meteorology, Bahamas

Caribbean Institute for Meteorology and Hydrology

Barbados Meteorological Services

Canefield Meteorological Services Canefield Airport

Grenada Meteorological Service

Guyana Hydro-Meteorological Services

Meteorological Service, Jamaica

Meteorological Services, St. Lucia

Meteorological Service, St. Vincent

Meteorological Service Suriname

Trinidad and Tobago, Meteorological Services

AAAS/NSF Science and Technology Policy Fellow

They can point you in the direction for the proper education and credentials in your geographic region.

The Caribbean Meteorological Institute (in Barbados) offers the B. Sc., meteorological component of the B. Sc. in meteorology, under agreement with the Caribbean Meteorological Council.

You might want to contact the TTBS, Trinidad & Tobago Bureau of Standards or the Meteorological Services Division of the Ministry of Public Utilities and the Environment. This is where you could check for Caribbean jobs in weather, as they are behind the National Meteorology of Trinidad and Tobago, and might be able to help you find the correct route to gaining the qualifications you desire.

Search this site for more information now.

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by: Sam

I don’t know the information about the meteorology schools in Trinidad. But I think there will be good schools for meteorology. If you want to know the complete details, it is better to contact the educational department in Trinidad. You just try to get the information from there.

by: Anonymous

I really like this site. I really enjoy reading about the weather and do care about meteorology. It is a hobby of mine but one day hopefully a dream.

by: Anonymous

The information that was provided was very informational and to the point regarding the question answered. This seems like a very nice site I would enjoy exploring further.

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