China's Number 1 in the emissions of Pollution of the world.

by Axel

Save us...

Save us...

Truthfully, China is now the leading contributer in Air pollution emissions. They pump out billions of gallons of waste into the air weekly. While the U.S. "tries" to clean up, What little they /are/ doing, China's overthrowing all attempts to clean up our act.

And what angers societies more, is that China's pollution is coming over to us. Soon our country's skies will be foggy with dust and waste from other countries as well as our own. Death tolls will rise, and people might have to wear face masks to stop from breathing in the harmful air.

The only advice from me, Make sure if you're driving that Hummer, you're taking as many people to work that you can. Every little thing helps. Also look into Solar Panels for your house. While the sun /can/ still shine outside.

Barry's Response - Maybe a little harsh, but there's some truth here. In 2009, I flew over the infamous Brown Cloud (see - ) over mainland China and couldn't tell what the ground looked like from 30,000 feet up. Here is a bit more about air emissions in China.

Then maybe your leaders can criticize with credibility if your country has this kind of population and density over such a large area. It should also be constructive. In terms of CO2 emissions, the USA is second.

I hope we can all help in some way.

Search this website for more information now.

Imagine Donald Trump saying something like this (he didn't)...

Oh boy, China is pumping out pollution like nobody's business.

That's crazy! When it comes to air pollution, they're leading the pack. Every week, billions of gallons of waste go straight into the air. It's true, right?

Here's the deal. We're trying to clean up our act here in the US. We're doing what we can, but China seems to be overthrowing everything. People, they're not making it easy for us.

What's worse? They're not just polluting their own backyard. Our country, our skies are getting it. It's possible we'll live in a foggy world soon, surrounded by dust and waste from other countries. People are angry about it, and it's a disaster waiting to happen.

Here's some advice for you. Make sure you carpool if you're driving a Hummer. Bring as many people as you can. Every little bit counts. Our actions need to be conscious and we need to do our part.

Here's another idea. Consider solar panels for your house. Take advantage of the sun while it's still shining. That's a great way to reduce our reliance on traditional energy sources.

Let's be smart about this, folks. Let's protect the environment and our health. It's hard to control what other countries do, but we can control our own. We can make a difference together and ensure a cleaner, healthier future for ourselves and the next generation.

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