Clearing The Air

by Elizabeth
(Toronto, Ontario)

Problems with oil industry...

Problems with oil industry...

Canadians need to worry about mining in the Alberta’s Tar Sands. Not only has this industry destroyed huge tracts of land which serves a breeding area for around 100 million birds and as a natural habitat for many more millions of migratory birds, oil sand mining has greatly increased the amounts of harmful carbon emissions produced in our country.

With world climate talks scheduled soon for Copenhagen, Canada must do something to not only improve our reputation on the world’s environmental stage – we must act. We must not settle for dirty air and destroyed habitats. Increasingly the United States looks to Canada as a secure trading partner and a reliable source of oil and gas. As such this sector is an important source of revenue and employment. This economic opportunity, however, has come at a huge price to our environment.

What we need then is a revitalized effort to better regulate the mining industry. Canada can lead the world in green technologies by designing cleaner and less habitat damaging ways to extract the oil from the Tar Sands.

Industries must deploy the best possible available technologies and develop new ones for protection of our environment. Government then must insist on higher standards and this is where Stuff in the Air comes in.

This type of consulting firm can offer affordable realistic services that could lower emissions and prove to the world that Tar Sand mining is environmentally viable and that Canada does care about global warming and our impact on not only birds, but future generations of Canadians and citizens worldwide.

Barry's Response - Our country has a leadership opportunity here. Let's run with it, and I hope we go far. Thanks, Elizabeth.

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Both environmental concerns and economic opportunities are important.

We need a balanced approach that addresses environmental impacts while protecting jobs and revenue.

Canada's energy sector is crucial to the economy and North American energy security. Efforts are being made to improve environmental regulations and promote sustainable resource extraction. Private-sector initiatives, like consulting firms, can help find practical solutions that balance economic growth and environmental responsibility.

They can tell us how different activities, like industrial processes and transportation, affect air quality. Governments and businesses can use this knowledge to make informed decisions and reduce air pollution.

Air pollution can be reduced with these initiatives without sacrificing economic growth. In addition, they can help businesses comply with environmental regulations and manage their impact on the environment.

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Do you have concerns about air pollution in your area??

Perhaps modelling air pollution will provide the answers to your question.

That is what I do on a full-time basis.  Find out if it is necessary for your project.

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