by Hamid
(Tehran, Iran)



I study on flares control system. Now I need a simulator for emission of flare. Thank you if you guide me.

Barry's Response - Hamid:

At work, (currently at CCGL -
Calvin Consulting Group Ltd.), we have used a simple spreadsheet based on our local laws, that takes flare input gas at a certain flow rate and with the flare's composition determined by the gas analytical company. We use those numbers to determine the amount of sulphur, nitrogen oxides and heat emitting from the flare stack.

The heat is used to determine buoyancy and dispersion once the effluent hits the atmosphere. I'll see if I can get a copy of the flares spreadsheet, but it is copyright protected.

The model we use is CALPUFF, obtained from the US government's EPA - SCRAM website, which is okay to use for flares. It allows the user to input buoyancy parameters (such as those obtained from the spreadsheet), combine it with a formatted meteorological data file, which are more difficult to get, and calculate the maximum concentrations occurring in the hillsides and surrounding region.

Search this site for more information now.

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How does it matter?
by: akh

Is industrial flaring a major factor of global warming? Government should levy more stringent laws on industries to reduce flaring and the harm caused by it.

Barry's Response - When dealing with flares, the major concern is local impacts, within a few kilometres, rather than global impacts.

by: Anonymous

Flaring is usually a problem and modeling it might prove really useful so thank you for the clever answer Barry. I'm sure it will help many people interested in the matter.

by: Anonymous

in today's industry it`s all about extracting more and more oil. The flares permanently pollute the atmosphere...

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