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Climate change is a fact of nature

by Bill
(Wilkes-Barre PA)

Unless conditions improve.

Unless conditions improve.

Climate change is a basic fact of nature, and it is probably driven by changes in solar activity. The world got into and out of several Ice Ages without any assistance or impediment from human beings. What are now Canada and New England were once covered by glaciers (which also created New York's Finger Lakes and the Pocono Mountains), and these regions were made habitable by "global warming."

Humans and animals adapt successfully to climate change through migration. If warming turns some regions into deserts, it makes others suitable for agriculture. Scandinavians moved into Greenland during a global warming period, but they had to leave when the world later became colder. Migration is probably a far more cost effective way to deal with the problem than to spend billions of dollars to attempt to mitigate the problem, if in fact it is even a problem.

Advocates of carbon taxes claim that global warming is harmful to human health (e.g. rising sea levels, warmer temperatures). Poverty, which carbon taxes would create by making utilities, fuel, and manufactured goods more expensive, is also harmful to human health. I accordingly oppose the Obama administration's agenda to impose such taxes. Furthermore, they would probably not even get rid of the carbon dioxide because corporations could opt out of paying them by moving energy-intensive jobs offshore at the expense of American workers.

Barry's Response - Yes, Bill. Historians and geologists have noted and recorded numerous changes in climate in the past. And the planet survived, believe it or not.

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