CO2 is irrelavant to temperature

by fred kors

CO2, Methane and other GHG's

CO2, Methane and other GHG's

CO2 has nothing whatever to do with climate. There is no data that has ever shown that carbon dioxide drives climate. Co2 levels in the atmosphere rise as temperature rises. Every temperature recontruction from ice core surveys and every other indicator shows that co2 levels rise 800 years after temperature rises. CLearly co2 has NEVER had ANYTHING to do with temperature change.

Global warming is completely natural. co2 levels have been 10 times that than the levels we have now thousands and millions of years ago. Human production of co2 is completely negligible and has no effect on global temperature. The amount of co2 from plants and animals alone is 150 gigatons as compared to 6 gigatons produced by humans.

But even that is nothing compared to the oceans which emit far far more. WHen the oceans warm, they emit more co2, As they cool, they dissolve more co2.

Carbon dioxide IS NOT A POLLUTANT. THe principal driver in climate change is the sun. Changes in the the sun's magnetic field produce more sun spots which increase temperature. LIkewise, sometimes there are fewer sunspots which reflects lower solar temperatures resulting in lower global temperatures.

If you killed every person on earth and took away all of industry. It wouldn't have ANY effect on the global temperature. THis is the biggest scam in science and it is being exposed as such. The evidence is overwhelming. IT's amazing that this has ever gotten traction but it won't be long before is it completely discredited.

Barry's Response - There was a good argument behind Greenhouse Gases/Global Warming. This case doesn't seem to have any real confirming (or denying) data, and, as you point out, other factors drive our climate. Some of these involve gases, some don't, like sunspot activity and Milankovitch cycles.

See THE GREAT GLOBAL WARMING SWINDLE sometime if you have not already.

You hold strong views regarding the role of carbon dioxide (CO2) in climate change.

I'd like to offer a different perspective that's widely accepted by many but not all scientists.

Greenhouse gas emissions play a significant role in climate change. While CO2 levels have historically followed temperature changes in ice core records, it's important to recognize that this doesn't negate CO2's impact on climate. When CO2 is activated by external factors like changes in solar radiation, feedback loops and amplification mechanisms can further enhance the warming effect.

Since the Industrial Revolution, human activities, like combustion and deforestation, have significantly contributed to the rise in CO2 levels. Global warming is correlated with increased CO2 concentrations, including comprehensive climate models and direct observations.

CO2 levels have been higher in the past, but now they're rising at a rapid and unprecedented rate. Changing greenhouse gas concentrations can have profound effects on our environment, ecosystems, and human societies because the Earth's climate system may react to even small changes.

In addition, the scientific community constantly evaluates and refines our understanding of climate change. Research helps us improve models and understand the complexities. Despite considering a whole range of factors, including solar activity, climate scientists generally agree that human-induced greenhouse gas emissions are driving the current warming trend.

I think it's important to approach climate change with an open mind, (all of us) considering the overwhelming body of scientific evidence and the consensus among experts everywhere. To mitigate climate change and build a sustainable future for future generations, we need collective action, innovation, and global cooperation.

Engage in constructive dialogue, listen to different viewpoints, and work together to find solutions that will protect our planet and ensure a prosperous future.

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