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For something new, check out some current science articles.  Interested in learning more about our environment (who isn't?)? This might be for you.  Are you into meteorology or environmental atmospheric science?

What's the latest in science and how does it affect our environment? You'll find fascinating insights into meteorology, air quality, climate change, and more in our these articles.  These articles help you better understand our planet's complex interactions in a world where weather and the environment play a big part.  

You can stay informed with the right articles and explore reputable journals, including Canadian ones, to satisfy your thirst for science.  Take a journey through the ever-evolving world of science and its profound influence on our daily lives.

We all know the weather and its interactions with the environment are serious.   You can see how these things affect you and the world when you read the right articles.

These articles will gave you some food for thought on weather and environmental issues for your own papers and essays.  What's the importance of the right article at the right time?  There's a lot of information in these pieces, and they're usually to the point.

Also, we'll cover a few classic concepts.

Current science articles...

for meteorology.

Several air quality and environmental science journals are accessible to the general public and provide valuable insight into current research.  Here's what you can do:

- A wide range of environmental health topics are covered in Environmental Health Perspectives, including air quality, climate change, and toxicology.  It's free and published by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.

- Air quality and atmospheric science are covered in this open-access journal called Atmosphere.  Anybody with an internet connection can read research articles, reviews, and editorials.

Environmental Science and Technology: Covers topics like air quality, water quality, and environmental policy.  The American Chemical Society publishes it and it's free.

Environmental Pollution: This journal covers the sources, fate, and effects of pollution in the environment, including air pollution.  There are both research articles and reviews in it.

Journal of Air Quality, Atmosphere & Health: This journal covers air quality and its effects on health.  General public can read research articles, reviews, and editorials.

Is there one from Canada?

Here are some Canadian air quality and environmental science journals:

- The Atmospheric Environment covers atmospheric science and air quality, including environmental impacts and health effects.  The journal is published by Elsevier and has a Canadian editorial board.

-  Environmental health topics covered in the Canadian Journal of Environmental Health include air quality and climate change.  The Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors publishes it.

Environmental Reviews: This journal covers everything from air pollution to environmental policy.  Canadian Science Publishing publishes it and it's free.

- Journal of Environmental Science and Pollution Research: This journal covers air quality, water quality, and environmental policy.  The magazine is published by Springer and has a Canadian editorial board.

- Environmental Science and Health, Part A: This journal covers air pollution and toxicology.  Taylor & Francis publishes it and it's free.

What's this? Here's an essay about global warming.  Meteorology is the study of the atmosphere and related weather conditions, and how they affect the environment and people.  Predicting, understanding, and managing the atmosphere, including air pollution, climate change, and oceanography.  An increase in global temperatures is caused by greenhouse gases accumulating in the atmosphere.

This page was written when published a monthly newsletter called Blowin' in the Wind; original issues are available on this list and would address things like "How do weather and environment work together, why should we worry about one affecting the other?"  The decline of the environment may affect the weather.  The environment can be altered by unusual weather.

As the weather changes and becomes less predictable, people think the environment is declining.  These issues are discussed in lots of current science articles.

There are other essays about mankind's influence.  Obviously, pollutants taint the environment every day.

Global changes are caused by smog, greenhouse gases, and forest depletion.  Even the seasons could change.

From one end of the Earth to the other, you can see how the weather changes.  I've got one.  Alaska may have milder winters and disappearing Arctic ice, even though it's been there for thousands of years.

The news might then take you to slightly warmer climates, where the winter season is shorter and less snow falls.  Winter cleansing of incoming parasites and foreign diseases slowly wears off.

When you think about how we're destroying one and the other is getting worse, the next current science articles might prove that weather and environment are interconnected.  Sometimes they're pessimistic, but they're trying to make a point.

Some writers give us hope, though.  Scientists discover new ways to improve the environment every day.

Instead of high-powered cars that pollute the planet, we're turning to more efficient cars, some that run on something other than fossil fuels.  Hopefully, we won't have to dig and destroy to get from one place to another anytime soon.

Other areas where we improve are deciding what we throw away and what we keep, recycling has helped us continue our lifestyle.  Drinks on the go, for example, are more often returned for reuse rather than thrown away.

You can find more innovative ideas in the right publication now.  Even plans to make our planet better.  You can save something we love by reading these science articles.  The earth, its environment, and the weather are our homes.  Get current science articles in the future...

Blowin' in the Wind

The original text read:  Want to get a free article every month?  Fill out the form below.  Every month, a new article comes out.

Now, anyone interested in air quality and environmental science, these journals above can be a great resource and for a Canadian context, you can find valuable information in the Canadian journals.

Just what the doctor ordered.

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