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The newsletter mentioned on the page is not currently being produced.  See archive issues using the link on the right.  Now you can get interesting articles on air quality, which might help you with your research project.  If you would rather, you can skim through them just for interest sake.

Here is a chance for you to get a monthly newsletter about a variety of environmental and weather topics, and this will enable you to build your know-how more quickly than you would otherwise.  I would like to help you understand these concepts so you have a better hunch about the kind of surprises mother nature and the atmosphere may deliver..

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Enhance your preparedness and readiness for emergencies as well.  When you acquire helpful knowledge and good judgment that will empower you to interpret, explain and respect the intricacies of our environment, you appreciate the world even better than before.  And you are less likely to become anxious about environmental issues when they appear in mainstream news items.  At the same time you will recognize when news items really are important and deserve greater attention.

You might get info about

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  • meteorology scholarships and internships or,
  • the precise definition various meteorology topics have.

This is a convenient chance to increase your awareness, comprehension and general smarts about the air. And you can build a foundation of expertise while discovering various topics that you choose to examine in more detail using Google or Wikipedia. And you would learn to speak of these things with a certain level of skill, savvy and finesse.  

You could talk about interesting stuff in the air.

Even if your background and underlying interest comes from simply watching the Weather Channel on TV, the additional insights you gain from a monthly newsletter like Blowin’ in the Wind should prove to be valuable. Some people might use this knowledge to decide what direction to go in their careers after completing their meteorology degrees.  They may even choose to pursue a different career altogether.  In that case it is still a valuable choice. 

If I were to say you'd be more fun at parties, I'd be stretching it a bit.  But…you never know.

About once, maybe twice a month you can receive these short physical science articles. Some will describe unusual atmospheric occurrences which may be of interest to you.

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First, some past issues of the newsletter. And now other meteorological articles below on Stuff in the Air.

These website pages give technical explanations about weather:


More Weather RADAR

RADAR Weather Technical Descriptions

National RADAR Problems

Doppler RADAR

NOAA and GEOS Satellite Weather

Satellite Photo Resolution

Satellite Wavelengths

Wavelengths and Satellite Pics

Multi-color Satellite photos, images and pictures

Surface Weather Analysis Maps

Isobars and Air Pressure Science

Meteorology Terms and Physics Equations

Upper Atmosphere Levels

Jet Streams

Atmosphere Layers

Upper Ridges and Troughs

Upper Air Currents




Prevailing Winds

Weather Instruments

Barometers and Air Pressure

Thermometers and Temperature Conversions

Hygrometers – Humidity Meters

Weather Vanes and Anemometers – Wind Speed Instruments

Rain Gauges

Current Weather Observations

Global Warming

The problem with Global Warming

Effects of Global Warming

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In these archived articles on meteorological topics, including articles on air quality, should keep you entertained.

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