Environmental Responsibility of Humans

by Jayakumar
(Erode,Tamil Nadu,India)

Keep it like This

Keep it like This

Each and every human should have some responsibility over the environment which is being destructed by us. We all should try to minimize our destruction to the environment by us, at least within our surroundings. Then, only our environment will be recovered from the upcoming great destruction.

Barry's Response - Think globally, act locally. It's been said many times, Jayakumar. I think you reinforce that point quite well. Thank you.

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Very Pretty article
by: AmandaT

I too often tell myself to recycle, but this puts me to shame because I do not. I want to do something better for the environment too. Check out https://www.stuffintheair.com/environment-human-interactions.html - This webpage (https://www.stuffintheair.com/environmental-responsibility-of-humans.html) was just a summary of that page. The cause and change of humans and the environment. That Global Warming has really received a lot of attention. I'm not into the weather and would probably not check the weather. I would like to find on this website the barometer of my State or City in my exact location so I can measure when its about to rain so I can put my safe fertilizer liquid on my plants.

Really? Really?
by: Missy

My first impression was that this was written by an diarrhea of the mouth idiot.

It was not interesting at all. The reference to the other website was shown in passion and that is all. I couldn't get paid fifty dollars an hour to look at that website again.

I would like to find a link to a better site with real facts not to read someone's ranting and opinions.

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