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Hi, my name is Filip. I have seen An Inconvenient Truth for seven times and i can really say it is one of the best documentary i have ever seen. Every time i watch it it is more fun for me.

This documentary is very well known, the main protagonist is a former American vice-president and presidential candidate (stolen) Al Gore, even though we did not before just sit, he worked as Clinton's man, delighted me, oakav level of awareness of our reality, which he transmitted to others I am terrific. I can not imagine after this documentary.

Will we be environmental refugees, accompanied by his feet in the Pannonian Sea? Now when i saw this site I would like to explore more of this site. I am big fan of documentaries and I have watched many of them, and I can say that An Inconvenient Truth is really good, it makes me to watch it over and over again.

I was looking for similar documentaries but I have found almost nothing. I would like if anyone can recommend some documentaries that they have watched and we can exchange some of ours experiences connected to documentaries. Just leave your comment and I will see it.

Barry's Response - I've recommended The Great Global Warming Swindle before. It takes an opposing view on some points and will round out the education of anyone who is interested. Thanks for your commentary, Filip. See the trailer above.

Search this site for more information now.

This documentary challenges the prevailing scientific consensus on climate change,

especially the idea that human activities, such as burning fossil fuels, are causing global warming. This film gained attention for its contrarian viewpoint, presenting arguments against mainstream climate science.

A sharp-witted viewer and critic might have seen this as a provocative challenge to the dogmatic and often sanctimonious environmental movement. It's likely he'd appreciate the film's efforts to challenge established narratives and emphasize the importance of open debate.

Among climate skeptics and critics of environmental policies, "The Great Global Warming Swindle" gained traction. As the film argues, solar activity and natural climate variability play a bigger role in global temperature changes than human activity. Notable is the film's portrayal of scientists and experts who disagreed with the consensus view, framing them as courageous truth-tellers.

If you value rigorous intellectual inquiry and skepticism, you would likely also note the film's flaws. And might criticize the selective use of data and its focus on a few dissenting scientists, contrasting that with the much-publicized consensus in science. The film may have relied on cherry-picked evidence to support its claims, a tactic easily and rightfully criticized.

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An Inconvenient Truth
by: Anonymous

I really admiring the film An Inconvenient Truth.It is very heart touching and it's a good work.I am searching for this kind of sites,but i didn't find it.

From Barry - Film did an excellent job of highlighting the very real dangers of climate change. Taking immediate action to reduce our emissions and protect the environment was a powerful message.

Inconvenient Truth Comment
by: Tamara Thompson

I thought this summed the gist of the movie up well. The typography and images engaged me in the beginning immediately. The movie supports If I could explore the site more I would want to see global statistics of warming affects. For example, it would be nice to enter a zip code or country name and glasbal warming facts about a specific area apprear.

From Barry - It was supposed to give the viewer a more comprehensive view of the global issue and a more personal connection when they see how it affects them. And provide links to related organizations or websites that provide more in-depth information about global warming.

Interesting comments
by: Jeri

The comments you make concerning "An Inconvenient Truth" are overshadowed my the incorrect grammar and punctuation. I am very concerned about climate control and also suggest that you view PBS's "The Great Global Warming Swindle" to see the other side of the story.

From Barry - It's important to see both sides of the climate change debate, and "The Great Global Warming Swindle" gives you an alternative view. Rather than being caused entirely by humans, climate change contains a natural cycle that some scientists have ignored.

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