by William
(Boston, MA)

You are here.

You are here.

Project review questions & answers

a) What did you do in the science fair? Galaxy light show

b) Did it work? Did you do well? I won second place!

c) Are school science fairs a good thing? Very important to learning

d) Would you do it again?
Want my daughter to!

Barry's Response - Good succinct summary of your efforts and your thoughts. Thanks, William.

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Comments for Galaxy

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Piecing purpose together
by: Zuri K

It took me two reads to realize that the post was a conversation and not a randomly organized article. However, I couldn't grasp the point for "Galaxy" and the pixel ridden picture other than a father who seemed to be ecstatic about childhood memories. I felt the "you are here" phrase to be a pull off the signs one often sees in hotels and other establishments. Albeit, the galaxy is so large that if an arrow had been in the picture it would have served the "you are here" purpose. Somewhat frustrating piece, and the author's reply being so calm and appreciative...I don't know what to do other than raise a brow.

When put in context with the article it makes greater sense to the browsing individual. From this article alone I have no interest in visiting the rest of the site though the "environment in Asia" link tickles my eyes.

Disturbing Title
by: Anonymous

The title you chose seems strange to me. I don't know what it means on first reading. Stuff in the air could be dust, smoke, pollen, etc. Is outer space "air" or "space"? The title implies the rest of the site is a joke with no real scientific facts.

by: Anonymous

I love the photograph very much. I think it is interesting and amazing. And it draw my imagination of the outer space. It is great.

by: Anonymous

the photo was excellent and breath taking. I was very much impressed by the way you carried yourself

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