Global Warming Conversation

by E Adams

Wresting with the Global Warming issue is a daunting task similar to coming to grips with the problems of the global economy. And like the latter, those who argue can line up experts to shore up their arguments.

Photos and sets of collected data are facts. They don't lie. But often neither do they explain. Scientists examining data are not guaranteed to draw the correct conclusions. Only one of the attending problems is that the earth is so old and the data samples are so small.

But one thing is clear. All the bad gases that western civilization has generated in the last one hundred years or so are not good for us or most of what lives on the planet. Smog has been a fact of life for a good part of recent history. The illness and pain it causes is not cause for debate.

That said, the Global Warming issue is not overblown whether or not it is understood as well as we would wish. We must all care if we have caring within us for the greater good of society.

In a world where 75 percent of the population uses fire wood as its main heating source, we can make our world better by using cleaner power sources and many other measures.


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Barry's Response - All the things suggested to mitigate global warming are sensible things to do. For many reasons in most cases, possibly including the actual mitigation of the global warming as suggested.

Hope that makes sense.

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by: Anonymous

this article is very nice it is helping me

Global Warming
by: Anonymous

I think the ideas that where discussed in this article where all good ideas. I like the one idea about the scientist getting us data but never really telling us the truth about it. I also like the idea about wood but if we used wood we would have to replace it.

So there are some good things discussed and some bad things in this artilce. I guess we are just trying to improve the environment.

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