Global Warming...follow the money

by BamBam
(Upstate, NY)

We're off to see the profits...

We're off to see the profits...

The Earth warms and cools and there is nothing we can do about it.

The Utah Salt Flats was a lake as big as Lake Michigan but 13,000 years ago, it dried up naturally. If it happened today, doom-n-gloomers would say it's the end of the world.
The Earth is over 4.5 billion years old and we concentrate on statistics from 1800+. Follow the money, that's all it's about, and people like Al Gore make a fortune while scooting around in his 100' house boat, SUV's and Jets...

Barry's Response - Thanks, BB, and the same could be said for the rampant naysayers. In fact a relatively new term "astroturfing" has been applied to the act or creating false grassroots organizations (and naming the practice after fake grass).

These groups claim to be objective when introducing new research that neutralizes the claims of global warming's (or other controversial issues') pundits. They are in fact funded by companies whose real interest lies in not having any changes made to global warming, food production (see the film Food, Inc) or other policies protecting the consumer and public.

Here, have a look at these wikipedia pages.

We live in a propaganda-driven society where you do not know the ulterior motives behind anybody's statements. Some can live with that. Some can't. Some aren't aware of it. Some don't care.

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