Global Warming is preventable and overblown

by Dylan F.

Two little balls go 'round and 'round...

Two little balls go 'round and 'round...

While Global Warming seems to be a popular subject, I, personally don't believe that it's a large of a deal as many people tend to make of it. For the average person, they may look into more green products and more energy efficient products.

While these things are good overall for the environment anyway and which people should look into anyway. I think many are trying to charge much more for these "green" products. I believe that with proper education these can be avoided and left of the shelf.

I do not quite believe in this theory of unstoppable global warming. I believe that the earth has natural cycle s where it gets hotter and colder. While this is an interesting theory, I don't think there is much to support it.

Obviously, the more ideas out there, the better off science is. Cutting down on carbon emissions and electricity usage is always a good thing and the less we use, the better we are off in our and our children's lifetimes.

Barry's Response - There are many reasons to dispute the claim that global warming is a one-way trend and that mankind is the cause. You are correct to point that out. And to some degree, global Warming is preventable and overblown.

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