global warming needs to stop!!!!!

by smart hotty

Man, It's hot in here.

Man, It's hot in here.

Global warming is very bad because the world is getting hotter and the ice is melting.

People's and animals' homes are going and they will not have anywhere to live and nor will they have adapted to the heat.

They might not make it and we will have lost 200 different kinds of animals.

Barry's Response - I'm sure somebody will see this type of fate. Can't be good.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is very concerned about this as well. If man-made global warming continues, they say, undesirable effects will be permanent. Extinctions may become very significant.

Animals have always responded to climate changes (warming and cooling trends) in the past, by migration, evolution or other changes and extinction (or extripation, loss of a regional population).

How are they affected? Food supply shortage or relocation is an obvious cause of change. Another to look out for is habitat change. If a former breeding ground, for instance, becomes more prone to fires and flooding than before, that will have its effects.

Some environmental changes may cause a relocation of natural predators into the geographical area, diminishing the numbers in the prey species. The same can be said for seemingly benign invasive species, which may eventually compete for food or other environmental resources.

Ultimately, a single change can alter the balance in populations of several plant and animal species. After the change has occurred and finished, whether permanent or temporary, a new balance should be achieved and all will be well in its altered state.

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global warming
by: joe

We must start finding alternative to the resources we are using now like the petrol should be replaced with some bio-fuel.

by: Ben

Certainly, it is necessary to stop global warming. For that we all have to aware about the reasons behind this disastrous thing. Then we would be able to avoid the activities that which cause global warming. We have to be more cautious.

by: Lindsay

I wanted help.

by: Anonymous

this is not a good website

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