Global Warming--Man-caused or Natural Cycle?

by Michael Sothras
(San Diego, CA)

Long-Term Effects

Long-Term Effects

Global warming is demonstrably true; however, while man's activities undoubtedly contribute to it, just how much is debatable. The rise in CO2 in some studies indicate that it is a lagging, rather than leading, indicator, meaning that rising temperature may drive increases in atmospheric CO2 instead of the reverse.

Astronomers have detected rising temperatures on all of the terrestrial planets in our solar system, not just the Earth. As far as I know, there are no SUV's or fossil fuel plants on Mars.

It seems plausible that increased energy output from the sun may be warming our oceans and releasing CO2 and methane - a greenhouse gas 21 times more efficient than CO2 at trapping heat energy into the atmosphere. As the temperature of water increases, its ability to retain dissolved gases in solution diminishes.

Perhaps a large segment of the scientific community have the etiology study of causation of global warming backwards...might be worth further investigation.

Barry's Response - Thank you, Michael, for this food for thought. Perhaps you have heard of the 2007 British Documentary The Great Global Warming Swindle where these and other ideas are pursued as possible alternative explanations for the climate changes which have been both anticipated and detected.

I discuss it as part of the whole subject of controversial opinions and research over the subject of climate change; at that time the main issue of concern was global warming and has since expanded to include related issues. Check my webpage at: for an example of this discussion.

Also, see the video on YouTube at - - It's an hour and 15 minutes long.

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