Globall warming

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it is very bad

Barry's Response - Very much so. The habitat of many species will be altered, apparently, and we will be saddened by the changes.

Those who doubt global warming are finding less evidence to support their claim. Warmer weather has been observed in more recent years than before, once again, and it has become that much harder to dispute, especially in the United States.

A few years back, in the wake of An Inconvenient Truth, Americans had some strong belief in the theories put forth in the film, but afterwards, doubt started to creep in. Some of those responses were logical, some not.

It seems nobody can reasonably deny that it is happening any more, and less (each year) are ready to deny that it is caused by humans. Still, scepticism is a good thing. It leads to enhanced thought and research, rather than just taking one statement at face value.

The public has also gained an increased trust for climate scientists as a profession. We've also come to realise that THEY, on the whole believe global warming is taking place.

This point is really nailed when a Yale Project / George Mason University Center for Climate Change Communication (in a 2012 survey) noted that researchers with the greatest, most specialized climate expertise, held the strongest opinion that anthropogenic global warming is a real and important issue. At the same time the strongest doubters (who are less convinced of their position than the former group) possess more generalized and lower-level expertise in the field.

If opinions are of any value at all, an aggregate of professional opinions is probably the most credible way to handle this kind of input. It's food for thought.

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Balance of nature on a toss!
by: Anonymous

Global warming is affecting the ecological balance of nature which is very delicate and this will adversely affect all of us.

Global Warming
by: Anonymous

That is so sad! I hope things change. Especially for the wildlife that live in the area.

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