Globle warming caused by deforestation of rain forests

by Bruce
(Seneca, SC, USA)

Let's work together

Let's work together

My theory of the major causes of global warming is the destruction of the rain forests by humans cutting down the trees and burning what is left. This could be stopped by our government by restrictions on imports of rain forest wood.

Restrictions on sale of tools and machinery used in this destructive process. Could influence governments to curb cutting of trees. Work on getting news media to report on what is going on.

Barry's Response - Don't forget about human needs too. What we need is a way to use our natural resources wisely. Focus on replenishing and sustainability. This way we and our kids (and so on) can have what they need indefinitely.

Simply curbing our consumption will not by itself restore what was there before; it requires active replanting and nurturing. Especially to service the world's still-growing population in the future.

Have you ever heard of the Rainforest Alliance, for instance? This group works toward keeping tropical rainforests alive. How? By educating consumers and businesses on methods and philosophies of carefully integrating the varying needs to arrive at workable solutions.

They enact the principles of sustainable forest management, where environmental needs work together with social and economic needs. Considering the needs of the land, water, living organisms and air forms the basis of conservation, biodiversity and sustainability. Science is the key ruler here. Look up the Convention on Biological Diversity for more about these principles.

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