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Wear this when you go to Canada in wintertime

Wear this when you go to Canada in wintertime

I have always wanted to go to canada. Now that I see it's cold, maybe I'll consider taking more jackets with me... to keep me warm. Thank you for the information

Barry's Response - It's usually enough to do one at a time. That is, if you pick the right one.

There are a lot of reasons why we wear clothing. As Canadians, we tend to worry about its ability to shield us from the elements more than anything else (fashion, etc.). During times of the year when the weather is more agreeable, we can think about other stuff. No matter where you are, comfort is always a priority.

What else do we use to protect ourselves? Start with hats, scarves, thermal underwear, boots, and wool socks. They also need special over clothes like coats, work coveralls, and ski suits.

As long as we stay inside, most buildings accommodate us well and provide us with the comfort we need. You still have to worry about those other times. Getting comfortable in a vehicle takes time, walking exposes us to the wind. The right clothing fills those gaps.

Here's a bit more for you.

Search this site for more information now.

What is the average number of jackets that a Canadian needs?

Let me tell you something. Canadians know jackets. They know how to stay warm in those frigid temperatures. How many jackets does a Canadian need? It's simple: as many as they want!

Canadians are used to cold weather. They deal with icy winds, snowstorms, and freezing temperatures that make your nose hair curl. They've developed a unique relationship with their jackets. Layering, insulation, and weather protection are important to them.

Winter parkas in Canada can withstand polar vortexes and blizzards that make your teeth chatter. For those in-between seasons when the weather can't decide, you've got your mid-weight jackets. Let's not forget the lighter jackets for those rare days when it's not freezing.

Here's the thing, friends. We're practical Canadians. One jacket won't cut it. Options are important to us. Versatility is key. We need to be prepared for anything Mother Nature throws our way. And We might have a bunch of jackets in our closets ready to go.

It's even possible for Canadians to have jackets for specific activities. You've got your ski jacket, your hiking jacket, your ice fishing jacket. Different situations call for different gear, and they're not afraid to invest.

To answer the question, how many jackets do Canadians need? It's up to them, my friend. Those are the ones who have to deal with icy gusts of wind and knee-deep snow. In extreme conditions, they know how to stay warm and comfortable. A Canadian needs as many jackets as it takes to stay warm, protected, and ready for whatever winter throws at them.

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Winter wear in Spring
by: 123barbo

The sale sure did start early.
The coat appears to be expensive. How much?

From Barry - You can save money by investing in quality outerwear. Coats should last for several years and keep you warm and dry. In addition, many companies offer discounts on winter clothes. Especially if you buy near the end of winter.

very cool
by: shyamala

very nice cool.its nice to see.i want to wear now itself

From Barry - I'll stay warm in the cold. I'm gonna check out the store. Let's see if I can find one I like.

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