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go to canada

by winetou1984

Wear this when you go to Canada in wintertime

Wear this when you go to Canada in wintertime

I have always wanted to go to canada. Now that I see it's cold, maybe I'll consider taking more jackets with me... to keep me warm. Thank you for the information

Barry's Response - One at a time is usually enough. If you select the right one.

Clothing exists for many reasons. In Canada, we most often concern ourselves with its ability to shield us from the elements as much as anything else (fashion, etc.). Recognize, though that during times of the year when weather is more agreeable to the natural human animal, we can think about other issues. Comfort, however, is always a priority, no matter where you are.

What other items do we use for protection? Hats, scarves, thermal underwear, boots and wool socks make a good start. Special over clothing such as coats, work coveralls and recreational snow (ski) suits fill their needs appropriately as well.

Most of our buildings accommodate us quite well and provide us the comfort we need in any clothing, so long as we remain inside. It's those other times you still need to worry about. Vehicles take considerable time to warm up an become comfortable, walking exposes us to the winds. The right clothing fills those gaps.

Here's a bit more for you.

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Winter wear in Spring
by: 123barbo

The sale sure did start early.
The coat appears to be expensive. How much?

very cool
by: shyamala

very nice cool.its nice to see.i want to wear now itself

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