Going from A to C but skipping B

by Ace
(Birmingham, Alabama)

My Type!

My Type!

You mention Myers-Briggs personality types and how readers can "browse the letters individually below", yet you do not provide any explanation of the types nor any letters to browse. You do explain your own personality a bit, which could relate to Myers-Briggs, but then you just randomly throw in a paragraph about Math. It seems like you could do a better job of joining your thoughts together.

I don't really see how Myers-Briggs ties in with math. I mean, it gives a general idea of peoples' behaviours, but not neccessarily their abilities or their interests. Any type of person can like or dislike math.

It's a bit disappointing, although possibly accurate that you mention that a cartoon scientist cares about success. Science should be about learning, not success! An important part of science is making mistakes and learning from them.

Barry's Response - The page is about me, really. Rest of the site is about meteorology and environmental science. I'm a meteorologist.

I might make a website about MBTI sometime in the future, but I'm not an expert in psychology. Ace, I'll take your suggestions and work on improving the Cartoon Scientist page's flow dynamics.

Search this site for more information now.

Learning is an important part of success, especially in science.

Knowledge, information, and the application thereof help indicate success in science. Discovery also. Along with curiosity and exploration.

As you probably know, the scientific method serves as a major tool in the pursuit of truth (through systematic observation, measurement, and experimentation.) Without the ability to learn, adapt, and refine my understanding, scientific accomplishment would be a little harder to obtain.

There's not much scientific inquiry without learning from mistakes, challenging existing thoughts, and pushing the limits of our knowledge. Thus, success and learning go hand-in-hand because learning is how we find and solve the universe's unknowns.

Now for a glitch: Doing it right is about the quality of our learning, evaluation, depth as well as the ability to connect the dots and make new connections; intuition in other words. So we don't just soak up facts; we use and enjoy an active, dynamic process that demands critical thinking that is quite rigorous.

Successful science is learning.

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